Crime, Goats and Bauhaus: Best Hotels in London

It's important to keep in mind: London is a pretty big city. (Don't worry, we'll wait for your shock to subside.) Yearly international visits to the capital number in the octuple digits – 2011 alone saw 15.3 million, and that was before the Olympics. There are few such massively powerful global arteries on the planet, and when every culture across the world is represented in your city, you've got to imagine there'll be vast choice for accommodation. And while The Savoy and The Ritz might be the hotels most evocative of London's inafmous opulence, the beauty of a city as old as Arthurian Legend is in its wide variety: townhouses, gastro-pub-straddling inns, kitschy hideaways, and sleek towers of pure, undiluted stylishness for the festival jet-set. Do you want to spot A-listers? Gaze upon Dickensian portraiture? Discover the unbridled fun of a gay hip-hop night? Or all of the above? To a traveler from across the pond, the choices could seem daunting. But never fear: we've narrowed down the best of London's hotels, from the centuries-old, afternoon-tea-wielding biggies, to the quirky and quaint. All you need to decide is your desired neck of the woods, your holiday goals, and how soft you like your pillows.



Congratulations, you've discovered Camberwell! It's the up-and-coming capital of art-school cool in the south, filled with character and a taste for what south London was like pre-gentrification. The Church Street Hotel has managed to welcome in...  Read More

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch
Photo courtesy of The Ace Hotel


We'll admit it: there are bits of The Ace that are rife for parody. There are the rows of merch and gizmos at check-in, the guitars in the rooms, the hotdesking facilities at lobby-level. Sure, The Ace embraces all things zeitgeisty, but it does...  Read More



The Rookery is quintessentially London: exquisite, winterey, and just a little bit spooky. With the goals of providing "civilised surroundings; old fashioned hospitality; friendly efficient service; [and] a location away from the roar of...  Read More



The Sherlock Holmes allows you to let your inner-geek run wild with style. Just a street down from the actual 221b Baker Street, the hotel provides a fantastic offering for its guests: vicinity to the museum, and a tasteful respite away from the...  Read More



The Boundary truly represents the soul of contemporary east London. Built from a converted Victorian warehouse, the red-bricked type that 19th century architects tried to reproduce from Chelsea's architecture, the hotel offers more than you...  Read More



You can save the artsy cutting-edge for your next London vacation – a stay at the Connaught is all about traditional magnificence and days of yore. But think more pearls-and-martinis yore than milkmaids-and-codpieces yore: The Connaught is...  Read More

Dean Street Townhouse
Photo courtesy of Dean Street Townhouse


If you find yourself at the Dean Street Townhouse, odds are you don't need to be told why you should be there. Hidden in plain sight, it's the regular hangout of celebs like Noel Fielding and Sienna Miller, a stone's throw from its ultra-glam...  Read More



It seems the latest London hospitality trend is to feel as though guests are simply not in London. And The Grazing Goat just about succeeds in constructing a world of dreamy rustic magic just off of Marylebone's Portland Square. Adding to the...  Read More



It's no wonder that the Zetter, and connected Zetter Townhouse, tops so many lists of London's best hotels year after year. There's the location (utterly charismatic, yet somehow still underrated, Clerkenwell), the diversity (rooms and suites vs...  Read More



From the outside, Bethnal Green's Town Hall comes across as more a sweeping citadel than a curated haven for east London's trend-setters. But go through its doors and you'll find just that: it's as though Vogue's creative directors took...  Read More


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