Hotel Bars

When you're traveling, it's incredibly convenient to book a hotel with a great bar. Not only do you benefit from the perks of a readymade clientele and a convenient hangout, but you save yourself the hassle of getting home once you've called it a night. Our selection of London's best hotel bars streamlines your planning process, presenting the top places to drink and chat while you enjoy a convivial atmosphere. For a satisfying night out, check out Purple Bar at The Sanderson, or visit the Mayfair district for more alternatives.

Purple Bar


Housed in Soho's ultra-posh Sanderson Hotel, this upscale bar invites patrons to gather at the end of the day, sip martinis, and discuss the day's events or make plans for the night. Located just off the lobby, the bar is dramatically decorated...  Read More

Mandarin Bar


This "bar with theatre" pays homage to contemporary design, as evidenced in its beige tones, sleek leather armchairs, subdued lighting, and mirrors and glass - in fact, you might say that the bar takes its cues from a high-fashion catwalk in...  Read More

Met Bar


Billed as one of London's most exclusive hotel bars, the Met certainly enjoys a primo address, located in a hotel that's a favorite of the rich and famous. In fact, you can expect to find everybody from millionaire jetsetters to A-List celebs...  Read More

Long Bar


Guests heap praise on Long Bar, aptly named for its signature, onyx-topped, 80-foot-long feature. Chic and kicky, the minimalist space boasts subdued lighting, contemporary yellow tints, and tall, silver bar stools with eyes stenciled on the...  Read More

Light Bar


With sharp angles and alcoves bathed in contrasting shades of green, pink, orange and violet light, this hotel bar certainly doesn't lack for modern flair. In each section of the bar, the ceiling opens wide to reveal humorous facial close-ups...  Read More

The Bar


The bar at this Mayfair hotel earns high marks for tuxedo-clad service and a swanky setting (if the rhinestone-studded grand piano looks like something Liberace would have played, that's because he owned it!). Brass-framed mirrors,...  Read More

St. James's
Dukes Bar


This is the land of cocktail classics. Martinis all the way at this swish bar spread over two rooms. Cosy up and sip something shaken and not stirred, preferably the Fleming 89 (James Bond author Ian Fleming used to hang out here and this was...  Read More



Housed in one of Mayfair's most exclusive hotels, Claridge's boasts pre-World War II aesthetics, as seen in the Art Deco-inspired furniture, bar, chandelier, and high ceilings. Members of the privileged class – hotel guests and discerning...  Read More



Americans visiting Great Britain often seek out authentic London nightlife, but after a few days of pubs and chi-chi wine bars, some find themselves wanting a taste of home. American Bar offers just that, but in a classic sense. The Savoy...  Read More

Beaufort at the Savoy


Poll regulars, and you'll quickly learn that one of the most applauded developments resulting from the Savoy's £220m revamp was the creation of the evocative Beaufort Bar. Outfitted with velvet furnishings, glam drapes and a color scheme...  Read More