"Bottoms Up", London style at 10 of the best London wine bars

Wine bars in London are ten a penny, but here is a list of ten great ones scattered all over the heart of the city, from East to West, where you can while away hours drinking your way around the world, attending tastings, or eating a slap up meal to accompany some beautiful velvety reds, or crisp, tangy whites. If you want old style glamour coupled with travel and stations, then you could do worse than head to Searcys at St Pancras Stations Grand Terrace. If you want to try tiny producers, or even a bottle from a fellow customer who may have discovered a gem on holiday and wants to sell it through a wine bar, then 28-50 degrees is for you. If you want old style London, home comfort cooking, then the Grape Street Wine Bar won't disappoint. If you want to take a bottle or two home of what you tried out over the course of the evening then one of El Vino's bars, and shops, might take your fancy. One of London's biggest wine bars, and sellers is Vinoteca. Many of the wine bars in London are located on or near the river, and that's because the cellars beneath them that have been storing wine for over 100 years are perfectly acclimatized for the job. Cheers and bottoms up!



This is a pretty wine bar, and restaurant in the heart of Belgravia, just a short walk from Victoria station. Travellers who have been here are generally satisfied, both for solo dinners, and meeting up with friends. You can have a range of...  Read More

Holland Park


Sitting in Julies wine bar and restaurant you will often spy famous people stroll by, or even pop in for a light snack. Come here to recreate the kind of feeling that you get when you watch the film Notting Hill, or after a spot of shopping in...  Read More



Created in the 1870s, El Vino is another of London's old style wine bars. With a tiny shop front, and off licence on Fleet Street, this is a great place to sit and drink, or just pop in and pick up a bottle or two, or perhaps a case for a dinner...  Read More



As you might expect from the name, this wine bar, just South of London's Covent Garden Market focuses on French and Italian 'naturally produced' wines. The wine list is 27 pages long, which tells you something about the range and breadth of the...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Vinoteca


Once a mainstay of the after-hours scene in the capital, London's wine bars were eventually replaced in popularity by gastropubs and the enduring charms of the good old British boozer. In recent years, a new breed of wine bar has emerged that,...  Read More



Searcys has a number of branches around London now, but the champagne bar on the Grand Terrace at St Pancras international got a lot of attention when it opened. Think grand old station, updated for the 21st century, with a fast and glamourous...  Read More



Grape St Wine Bar on London's Shaftesbury Avenue, is an old style wine bar, but peopled with those who love their wine and love to have fun with it. From trendy hipster students to relics from the fifties and sixties bohemian London who want to...  Read More

Leicester Square


The Cork and Bottle had to be included on a list of London's wine bars for the name alone. But apart from the great name, and the central location, the Cork and Bottle prides itself on fresh tasty food, and innovative wines from all over the...  Read More



Gordon's wine bar advertises itself as London's oldest wine bar. Tucked away just behind the embankment, with its darkened windows and narrow entrance, you get the impression of dusty old bottles, and rare finds tucked away here that you could...  Read More

28-50 degrees
Photo courtesy of 28-50 Wine Bar, Fetter Lane, London


28-50 Degrees' name comes from the latitude in the world in which wine is grown. This is a wine bar with two locations in London, one in Clerkenwell,on Fetter Lane, and the other in Marylebone. They serve over 30 wines by the glass, and to...  Read More


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