London's Best Restaurants Today: The Cream of the Capital's Crop

Forget everything you think you know about British food – the boiling, the kidney pies, the Dickensian gruels. The nation has suffered a rather disparaging reputation (which has not been entirely undeserved – Beef Wellington is still a thing) but any food-minded traveler worth her salt will know that London's got oodles to offer. The last decade has seen London rival Paris and New York for dining prestige, and partaking in London's continental classics and New World innovations could take up an entire visit . In a nutshell, you'd be well advised to go in with a solid foodie game-plan. If you're after restaurants with big names at the helm, you've got options. If you're after cult favourites, you're in good company (just be ready to queue). And if you're happy to stick with the long-standing classics, then we applaud you. Some institutions are institutions for a reason. For all you foie gras fans and squid junkies, we've done our best to make navigating this magical city a little bit easier. We've narrowed down our top ten favourite restaurants in London, and as one might imagine, our picks came from a vast, robust, and hugely tasty pool. So go forth and nibble, and be sure to leave a friendly review however you can; London food is undergoing a total image overhaul, and you're lucky enough to be part of it!

St. John's Wood


Harry Morgan might brand itself as a "NY style deli", but we have to take issue with that. The St John's Wood deli is London through and through, and whether they be actual Jewish families or simply fans of the kreplach, west Londoners have been...  Read More



The Scolt Head is a double-hitter: lively pub bringing together the fresh-faced inhabitants of both Islington and neighboring Dalston, and dreamy date-perfect restaurant. On offer is some of the most coveted of classic British fare, including...  Read More

South London


When it comes to food, sometimes it's best to follow the crowd. And on a Friday night around 1am, Camberwell's art students and longtime residents will be crowding into FM Mangal, a cult favourite turkish takeaway joint and multi-level...  Read More



As if you needed more to fill your Wong Kar-wai post-colonial art deco fantasies, now you can spend an evening in London's most glamorous Chinese restaurant. China Tang is part Dorchester, part more modern foodie lair, and it's the perfect spot...  Read More



Some dining experiences come with a side of vertigo, and if you can handle the breathtaking heights (almost clear to the top of Heron Tower, just above Sushisamba) then Duck and Waffle could easily become your new London favorite. One of the few...  Read More



Hawksmoor brought the art of steak to London, and it did it with artful, wintery decadence – the type which was welcome off the back of the whole offal renaissance. Its ethos of "making sure the food [they] serve is as good as possible, that...  Read More

King's Cross


"Rich businessmen, sweaty taxi-wallas and courting couples. Fans turned slowly. Bentwood chairs were reflected in stained mirrors, next to sepia family portraits. Students had breakfast. Families dined. Lawyers read briefs. Writers found their...  Read More



On the ground floor of Shoreditch's Tea Building, the seven-storey start-up hub right across from the Overground, is a different kind of innovation hub: Lyle, the creation of borderline "experimental" chef James Lowe. There's a clean,...  Read More



To even speak of Bone Daddies after having dined there is a sort of synesthetic exercise. Memories of chicken scratchings, miso, pork neck chashu, chicken bone stock, make for an exhausting culinary love. But we'll take those sesame sweats any...  Read More



Barrafina offers the kind of food you have to work for. It's virtually impossible to avoid an hour-long queue (the seats barely hit the double digits), and you're likely to be elbow-to-elbow with strangers. But once you've got your first glass...  Read More


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