Cafe Culture has been mushrooming all over London

Wherever you happen to be wandering, they'll be a great Cafe in London to perk up your spirits and set you on your way.  Many of them like to use local as possible food, old British traditional tastes and home made goodies.  Check out the following list, from Konditor and Cook in Waterloo, to Ginger and White in Hampstead.  Bea's in Bloomsbury, and the French style Sable' D'Or in Crouch End.  The Blue Legume in Highbury and Stoke Newington and the Fleet River Cafe in Holborn.  If you fancy a spot of tennis, or find yourself in South West London, why not check out The Light Cafe in Wimbledon, or for a great roasted coffee, Climpson and Sons in Broadway market, Hackney.



Cake Hole at the back of Vintage Heaven on London's Columbia Road is only open at weekends. But once you're tired of looking at the brilliant flowers, antiques and bric-a-brac on offer in this part of London, Cake Hole is a brilliant place to...  Read More

Stoke Newington


In the chilled out vibe of Stoke Newington, this cafe / restaurant fits in perfectly. Two more branches have now opened up in other 'yummy mummy' territory of Islington and Crouch End. You can start your day here with bountiful smoothies,...  Read More



Bea's of Bloomsbury was established in 2008 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Their window displays of towering plates of cup cakes, decorated with fresh fruit and whipped sweet icing and cream cheese are a work of art in...  Read More



Come rain or shine, the Fleet River cafe always has a busy queue of people waiting as it opens up its lunch menu at 12 noon. In summer, the pretty enamled tables with jugs of fresh field flowers glint enticingly. In winter, the benches...  Read More



Fresh seasonal, home made ice cream, daily baked scones, bread and cakes. What more could you ask for from a cafe? The Light Cafe is the sister cafe to the Light House restaurant. It's a tour de force of cool greys, light interiors and...  Read More



Set in the grounds of Chiswick House. Chiswick house cafe brings you beautifull presented food in relaxing surroundings. There are plenty of other cafes in Chiswick, the garden borough west of London's centre, just along the river Thames, but...  Read More



Ginger and White does artisan British food at its best. Their website front page reads 'don't do grande' overlaid over the Union Jack, a clear message to those of us used to coffee chains and huge buckets of coffee. This is all about the...  Read More



Sable D'Or patisserie is very clear in its aims. It wants to provide fresh French style food to its customers. But this being London, the place has a very relaxed British feel. You can go here on a Sunday morning with the papers and stay for...  Read More



Broadway market is bursting with cafes, but Climpson & Sons is widely acknowledged as one of the greats. Restaurants around the neighbourhood will boast of stocking Climpson coffee. This is where 'hipster Hackney' come for their coffee, and...  Read More



This delicious bakery turned lunch cafe has opened up branches across London and in several big arts venues like the South Bank. But it's to the little bakery on Cornwall Road that I always return, for bags of boston brownies, enriched with...  Read More


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