Tuck into Delicious, Gluten-Free Baked Goods in London

Whether it's Selfridges department store, or a little cafe in East London, you are never far from a gluten free, dairy free, or some other type of food intolerance catering establishment in London. The choices are so wide and the taste and flavour so good these days that it really is the place to be if you fancy just trying something new. If you really do need to avoid gluten, even better, these places have been tested, certificated and checked again and again. Many of them also use organic ingredients and make everything from scratch, and many of the places are also exclusively gluten free so there should be no danger of contamination. Check out the Happy Food company in East London or mail order from Rebel Cakes or Peace of Cake both based in North West London. If you are with friends who don't have the same intolerance, then you can go and hang out at Claridges and just order ahead telling them the list of your tolerances and they will rustle up a special menu which will make you feel like the queen that you feel when you are taking tea for two or three or four at Claridges. In Camden, Cookies and Scream provides you with all your biscuit needs and in Kingston, the Healthy Cook Company will keep you coming back for more. Suzzle in Brick Lane and Vitao in Soho are also great taste sensations and happily gluten free. Enjoy.



Selfridges is one of the most delicious and innovative department stores in London. In January 2013, they opened their gluten free and wheat free bakery within their food hall. The food hall itself is a delight to behold, you can sit and eat...  Read More

North London


Peace of Cake is a mail order business for deliveries within London. They are based in North West London and cater for gluten free diets, and people with coeliac disease. They are also stocked in various bakeries, cafes and Selfridges department...  Read More



Cookies and Scream started as a stall within Camden market, and they soon graduated to selling from a permanent station within the market. As well as a range of delicious cookies, from Chicos with peanut butter, the usual suspects of chocolate...  Read More

East London


Melanie started Suzzle, because, to quote her website, she was "sick of not being able to eat out, or only eat sub standard food" just because she needed to eat gluten free food. She was used to cooking yummy meals, and started experimenting...  Read More

North London


Rebel Bakery is another online outlet based in North West London and offering cakes, cupcakes and bespoke cakes for celebrations, children's parties and weddings. They are also available in Harrods if you want to actually go to a shop and see...  Read More

East London


Happy Kitchen uses only organic ingredients and is the brain child of two happy girls, now women, Ellie and Lisa who met according to their website at the age of four and a half when they loved eating, running across fields and wearing brightly...  Read More



You can't say enough about Ottolenghi's delicious cooking, deli, bakery and just about everything he does is magic. Unfortunately there are prices to match, but the food is so inspiring and delicious and amazingly presented that it feels worth...  Read More



The Healthy Food Company was started as a mail order company selling gluten free and dairy free made-to-order cakes. It grew from there and now serves the denizens of Kingston, Richmond and those affluent parts of South West London with...  Read More



Vitao prides itself on being optimum for health and taste, and this is certainly true. They do everything from raw food, to gently cooked, entirely vegan food, much of what you eat there is also gluten free, very healthy and there are lots of...  Read More



Claridges is a great place to have afternoon tea in London. It also offers special menus for those with food intolerances or special diets. That includes a gluten free tea. When you enter Claridges, you enter a rareified world where you feel...  Read More


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