Tea for two, or three, or four -perfect in genteel Kensington borough

If sugar confections are your thing, or eating like Stella McCartney or Kate Moss then afternoon tea in Kensington will be the perfect activity during your stay in London. At Peggy Porschen's Parlour you can tick off all the above and enjoy deliciously freshly baked cakes. If your taste is slightly more American, then the Hummingbird Bakery will serve you very well, branches can be found right across London and as concessions but the one on Church St in South Kensington is a heaven of swirled butter cream topping and light spongy cup cakes. The Goring won the award for London tea venue of the year from the UK tea guild which on top of its 104 year history of serving tea makes it a great place to sample, with tea gathered from the foothills of the Himalayas. At Blakes, you can find almost sushi like boxes of finger sandwiches along with delicious slabs of plum cake, chocolate cake and freshly baked scones with big glass jars of whipped cream, marinated strawberries and jams. 

Afternoon tea can also make you feel like a Prince or Princess, so taking tea in Kensington Palace or at the Orangery in Kensington gardens makes for a great London experience. But if you're feeling more virtuous, then Down to Earth will bring you back down to earthy ethical roots and provide a vegetarian or vegan experience of tea and cake.



The Orange is a public house and hotel which has been elegantly furnished and restored. Its the kind of place that would make you feel as though you are in the house that you would live in if only you could afford it, a kind of elegant home from...  Read More



Patisserie Valerie is a great French inspired bakery chain in London and its premises on Kensington Church St is a perfect place for a French twist on the Afternoon tea theme, which suits Kensington down to the ground since the borough is home...  Read More



Originally designed as a greenhouse in Kensington Gardens and approved by Queen Anne, this window-lined, 18th-century building is surrounded by neatly manicured gardens and towering shrubs. It also serves a fine breakfast and a great afternoon...  Read More



Gallery Mess is attached to the Saatchi gallery on the Kings Road in South Kensington. Perhaps not surprisingly for a man who used to be married to the celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson, Gallery Mess does great food and offers up a very nice...  Read More



Like many of the luxury five star hotels in London, Blakes offers a great afternoon tea, and indeed, food and drink at almost any time of day. This is afternoon tea with a Chinese twist, and is served in their subterranean 'Chinese room' all...  Read More



Kensington Palace does a great Afternoon tea, and the place is also a perfect place to just sit back and relax and unwind. Afternoon tea was apparently first created by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford to combat that dreaded afternoon slump...  Read More



Down to Earth is a great place to eat an alternative type of afternoon tea in Kensington. This is an organic, vegetarian and vegan market and cafe. All packaging here is biodegradeable and carefully thought out, so the ethic of waste not want...  Read More



The Hummingbird Bakery is just one of a batch of delicious bakery and cupcake shops in London and across the UK. Serving up delicious butter cream topped cupcakes and various other things, this is about the American kind of cupcake, soft light...  Read More



Peggy Porschen Cakes is a bespoke cake company which will cater for any event and produces the most amazing window display that you could imagine, with tall sugary confections transporting you to fairy lands this is all about creating works of...  Read More



The Goring has been serving its very own brand of "quintessentially English" afternoon tea ever since it opened way back in 1910. There is a huge range of teas, from delicate leaves gathered at the foot of the himalayas to strong British "brews"...  Read More


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