Sink Your Teeth into the Best Piece of Meat in London

There has never been a better time to be a meat eater in London. First came the nose-to-tail trend spearheaded by Fergus Henderson of St. John restaurant in the 90s. As he says: “If you’re going to kill an animal, it seems only polite to use the whole thing.” Quite right, and London chefs have taken that on board with the likes of heart and tripe, once painfully out of fashion, back in vogue on British menus.

This also brought with it an increased attention to provenance, with diners demanding sustainable meat sourced from the best British farms. You'll see many restaurants boasting of meat from the Ginger Pig, known citywide as the best butcher in town selling fare from their farm in North Yorkshire. 

More recently, the recession has created a reaction against the small portions and big prices of fine dining, and the hottest new openings offer hearty affordable dishes. Burgers, fried chicken and hotdogs have been salvaged from the clasp of fast food and given a gourmet makeover. Turning to the USA for inspiration, American style barbecue and burger joints, given an edgy British twist, are big news – just look at the fervour graffitied cocktail and burger joint MEATliquor induces, with queues around the block and now a handful of venues.

This list covers a range of London restaurants that demonstrate a passion for beautifully-prepared and carefully sourced meat from the classic steak to pig's ears salad.  



The name is partially misleading. Lardo's is, in fact, a pizzeria despite being named after the cured back fat of a pig. The pizzas are fired in front of your in the gorgeous open kitchen. They're delicious, Italian style, and satisfyingly...  Read More



Anything anyone can do, the Hawksmoor team can probably do better. Shortly after the multi million buy out of their Hawksmoor group of restaurants, food superstars Huw Gott and Will Beckett opened Foxlow, a more casual, slightly more affordable...  Read More



The Pitt Cue Co started as a pop up American barbecue van under London's Hungerford Bridge. Tom Adams is the chef and brains behind this venture, and after serving finger lickin' food out of his van, he moved his operations to Soho to great...  Read More



While many restaurants rush to cater to everyone, it's refreshing to discover a place like Brawn, which simply refuses to do vegetarian. It's a pig heavy menu here with everything from pork scratchings to actual brawn (pig's head) and imported...  Read More



Bringing a hefty dose of urban cool to the West End, the newly-opened MEATliquor bar and restaurant blends meaty burgers with late-night cocktails. In a nod to New York's Lower East side, founders Yianni Papoutsis and Scott Collins of the...  Read More



Residential De Beavoir may be pretty, but it isn't somewhere a tourist would necessarily travel. However, an increasing number of interesting venues have opened up here, making it worth the journey. One of the staples is Duke's Brew & Cue, a...  Read More

East London


This simple little eatery has been a staple of Broadway Market local life for many years now. The chef's mission statement is simple: to bring genuine Argentine asado, meat grill, to London, and in that they most definitely succeed. There's just...  Read More



Mark Hix is a brilliant and likeable British chef, who has championed British produce across all his restaurants (The Ivy, Scott's, The Rivington). Hix Oyster and Chop House was his first solo venture - now which are numerable - and remains a...  Read More



This wins the prize for most interesting chef proprietor and food! If you don't like offal, you might be put off, but in these times of waste not want not, and for people that do enjoy crunching their way through every imaginable part of an...  Read More



These steaks are worthy of the praise heaped upon them now for the best part of the last decade. The original Spitalfields location was opened by childhood friends Will Beckett and Huw Gott in 2006, and soon word was out about the quality of...  Read More


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