Go gluten free in London and discover a wealth of possibility abounds

Eating gluten free has never been easier in London, and in many other parts of the UK too. Did you know that Glasgow has just been voted best city for vegans? Now that's a turn up for the books given it's reputation for hard drinking and hard fat frying (deep fried mars bars, fish and chips and many drams of whisky anyone?) So, the UK has done a lot in the last few years to change its reputation for bad food and turn itself into a foodie paradise. You can even eat at a supper club like Annie's and still have a delicious gluten free menu. In the main stream, lunch stops like Itsu and Leon will provide cheap ways to eat healthily and gluten free. In the evening, if you feel like a pizza, places like Italian Cotto and several other Italian restaurants around London will cook you a gluten free pizza base and can also cater for other allergies and food intolerances too. If you want to be a purist, a restaurant like Vitao which is Vegan and free from pretty much everything else you can think of too is both delicious and healthy and right in the heart of Soho. Mildred's will also offer a very wide ranging menu and gluten free options. In trendy Spitalfields Suzzle is a great place to stop for lunch and you can follow them on Facebook or their blog before deciding whether the seasonal changing menu takes your fancy.



Leon is not strictly a restaurant, it's a chain of cafes and take out, but you can sit in and eat, and it does have some great gluten free and lots of other "free" options too on its healthy menu. You can find them on most high streets in...  Read More



Selfridges is one of the most delicious and innovative department stores in London. In January 2013, they opened their gluten and wheat free bakery. The food hall itself is a delight to behold, you can sit and eat sushi from a conveyer belt,...  Read More



Vitao prides itself on being optimum for health and taste, and this is certainly true. They do everything from raw food, to gently cooked, entirely vegan food, much of what you eat there is also gluten free, very healthy and there are lots of...  Read More



The Healthy Food Company was started as a mail order company selling gluten free and dairy free made-to-order cakes. It grew from there and now serves the denizens of Kingston, Richmond and those affluent parts of South West London with...  Read More



You can't say enough about Ottolenghi's delicious cooking, deli, bakery and just about everything he does is magic. Unfortunately there are prices to match, but the food is so inspiring and delicious and amazingly presented that it feels worth...  Read More

East London


Happy Kitchen uses only organic ingredients and is the brain child of two happy girls, now women, Ellie and Lisa who met according to their website at the age of four and a half when they loved eating, running across fields and wearing brightly...  Read More

East London


Melanie started Suzzle, because, to quote her website, she was "sick of not being able to eat out, or only eat sub standard food" just because she needed to eat gluten free food. She was used to cooking yummy meals, and started experimenting...  Read More



Annie's is a secret supper club based in Bromley in Kent, just South of London. You have to book online and once you have booked the location is revealed. Guests promise to keep the location secret as a condition of booking. Annie's was set up...  Read More



Mildred's was established in 1988 and has been in the heart of Covent Garden serving internationally inspired vegetarian food ever since. The wood panelled restaurant is elegant and simple and you can also book out the whole room for your...  Read More



Itsu is a pan asian / Japanese inspired chain restaurant all over London and some other big cities in the UK. It's great, varied and cheap, and when you need to find some easy gluten free alternatives then Itsu can be a good place to turn to as...  Read More


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