Tantalize your Taste Buds with London Take Out

You can take out from almost any London restaurant and most sandwich places, so this is just a taste of the many many options that are available in this great culinary hotspot. But trying to riff on the British revival and the availability of lots of different culture's best portable offerings you could do worse than start with Square Pie where you get that most portable of British delicacies meat or vegetables incased in a delicious baked pastry case. Square pie have some great sides from mash, mushy peas and gravy to salads to add to your meal, and it would be perfect for a picnic, lunch or dinner. Fish and Chips is another great British invention that lends itself perfectly to take out. Staying on a fishy theme, sushi is also big business in the capital with lots of lunch chains offering packaged morsels of rice, seaweed and fish for your delectation and delight. If you want to go a bit more up market, then the Modern Pantry will offer you restaurant meals at home as well as stock up your pantry and cater your events. Bodeans offers ready marinated, vacuum packed barbecue flavours and meat so you can conjure up its spiciness and crunch over your own coals, and great sandwich spots Leon and Fleet River cafe make sure to always give you a cut above the crowd even on take out.



Itsu is a pan asian / Japanese inspired chain restaurant all over London and some other big cities in the UK. It's great, varied and cheap, and when you need to find some easy gluten free alternatives then Itsu can be a good place to turn to as...  Read More



Come rain or shine, the Fleet River cafe always has a busy queue of people waiting as it opens up its lunch menu at 12 noon. In summer, the pretty enamled tables with jugs of fresh field flowers glint enticingly. In winter, the benches...  Read More



Leon is not strictly a restaurant, it's a chain of cafes and take out, but you can sit in and eat, and it does have some great gluten free and lots of other "free" options too on its healthy menu. You can find them on most high streets in...  Read More



Bodean's BBQ has now been running for 10 years in the British capital. Created by Kansan native Andre Blais and modelled along the best tradition of American barbecue joints, the restaurant serves up a great plate of Americana. Bodean's has...  Read More



It's been going since 2006, and is by all accounts a very happy, sunny and relaxed place to work. But as 'Scandi-mania' has been hitting the UK even harder in the last few years, this place has really taken off. Favoured by Scandi ex-pats and...  Read More



Tucked in a tight cellar in Covent Garden, Food for Thought serves up hearty vegetarian food. This popular spot usually has a queue leading up the stairs and out the door, and there's precious little space inside, expect to share tables, if you...  Read More



You can't say enough about Ottolenghi's delicious cooking, deli, bakery and just about everything he does is magic. Unfortunately there are prices to match, but the food is so inspiring and delicious and amazingly presented that it feels worth...  Read More



If you think Take Out in London then a Fish and Chip shop has to come in the list of ten. There are great places to try all over the capital, but this one wins number one spot, just because of its clever name. Also the food is great, this is...  Read More



The Modern Pantry's aim is to please and excite the palate by fusing everday ingredients with modern cooking. Their name, as it explains on their website nods at the fact that they are trying to do something new, with the necessities of life,...  Read More



Square Pie is the perfect take out. It is open from 10.30-16.00pm Monday to Friday and until 6pm on the weekends, Sunday included. They serve great tasting British food, packed full of fresh and local ingredients. As well as the Spitalfields...  Read More


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