East London's Best Gastro Markets: Satisfying Street Food

Food markets have always been a staple of daily London life, where people went for their week's groceries and to catch up with the local gossip. South London's Borough Market was the first gastronomic star, turning from traditional fruit and veg stalls to somewhere you could buy hand-rolled pasta and fresh oysters, seaweed still intact. It attracted so many visitors it has now expanded threefold, with off shoot markets, as well. Borough Market was just the first however; East London's Broadway Market soon followed suit. 

In recent years, perhaps a product of these uncertain times of recession, a veritable army of culinary creatives has emerged offering everything from kimchi burgers to colonial style kedgeree in roving street stalls and food trucks, just as we've seen around the globe. It seems these days that the whole world and their dog are gourmands, in fact, you can even buy gourmet dog food at some of the more chichi markets. 

The city's hunger for street food shows no sign of abating, and more markets than ever have popped up to cater to the epicurean masses. This list covers the whole gamut, from traditional local fruit and veg markets that have been here since the 19th century through to Friday night foodie festivals in Dalston, fast becoming the of-the-moment alternative to restaurant dining. 



Stoke Newington Church St is a long and winding street in the North of Hackney. It winds its way towards the borough of Islington, and passes through many different incarnations on it's way east and west. There is a great gourmet organic food...  Read More



Ridley Road Market is a far cry from the chichi other parts of Hackney. It has for the most part retained its traditional character. East End "barrow boys" will sell you fruit and vegetables with a cheeky smile, alongside shops for Haitians,...  Read More



Exmouth Market is one of the city's most gastronomically exciting streets from Antipodean coffee culture at Caravan to city's (arguably) best restaurant Moro, so it's little wonder that a street food market here is thriving. Located between...  Read More

Outlying Areas


This is the longest market in Europe, offering 1km of food stalls covering the length of Walthamstow High Street. This isn't a gastro market in the new-fangled sense, but an authentic London experience, where locals have been coming to buy their...  Read More



The Old Truman Brewery is at the heart of Brick Lane life. Once one of the largest brewers in the world, it closed in 1989 and the original site was bought up by developers. Back then Brick Lane was still a rough and ready place, where many...  Read More



This adorable little market is largely to thank for the total regeneration of Clapton. In an area once better known for violent crime than culinary prowess, it would have been impossible to imagine a food market such as this thriving. But since...  Read More



Part of the Old Truman Brewery's stable of markets, this was their first entirely food centric offering. Held in the 19th century Old Boiler House, it's a stunning setting for a feast with soaring ceilings and the distinctive Truman Chimney...  Read More

East London


London's first bona fide night market, Street Feast lures thousands of hungry Londoners every weekend, swapping the expense and formality of restaurant dining for the bustling, brouhaha of this street market. There is certainly more choice than...  Read More

King's Cross


A collective of street food stalls, they function under the dictum of 'making cities taste better,' and they're doing a mighty fine job of it. Beginning as something called Eat.St in Kings Cross, they were at the forefront of the current street...  Read More



Broadway Market attracted visitors long before the rest of Hackney was somewhere to hang out. London Fields (the name of the park and surrounding area) became an island of creative cool in the midst of housing estates and takeaway shops, all...  Read More


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