Hipster shopping heaven in Hackney and its surrounding areas. Happy Hackney shopping

Hackney and its surrounding boroughs, so for hackney, read East London, is a brilliant place for shopping.  Markets are big business here, you can go from the traditional east end markets like Ridley Road, or Petticoat Lane (strictly in the City and Tower Hamlets) where you can get all manner of different foods from around the world along with cut price fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish, and meat, and a 24 hour bagel bakery, and clothes, second hand goods, and lots of things that probably shouldn't be sold at all, to the "farmer's markets", organic markets, and craft fairs which pepper places like Stoke Newington, Broadway market, and Victoria Park Village. There you can buy gourmet foods, artisan breads, cheeses, and organic meats, for much higher prices, and spend hours browsing heritage tomatoes, and taste tasting Sardinian cheeses or the latest in cup cake heaven. Often the two, old and new, rich and poor coexist alongside. So in Broadway market for instance, the Chichi shops and bars will stand next to Gregg's the bakers which sells donuts, white poppy seed bloomers, and those famous sausage rolls and pasties, oozing lovely carbs, fat and sugar, and beloved of builders and school kids who pass by. Little boutiques, hand sewn clothes, and designer takes on vintage classics are all available in Hackney. Down at the end of Kingsland Road, as you head in to tower hamlets, the cut price shoe business still thrives allowing you to buy glittery creations without the price tag.



Broadway Market is a perfect microcosm for Hackney itself. There are great bars, restaurants, trendy pubs, gourmet food, vegetarian food, coffee bars, turkish restaurants, antique shops, artists, booksellers and jewellery all crammed in to one...  Read More



Rebel Rebel has been working with flowers since 2000, and they brighten up their shop, the road, and the whole area. They hand pick flowers from New Covent Garden Flower market every day and they cater for domestic orders, weddings, and the...  Read More



Broadway Books is a beautiful independent bookstore. Last of a dying breed in these days of big online bookstores. The owners and booksellers really know their stock and are great for recommending something that the person you are buying for, or...  Read More



Columbia Road Flower Market is an absolute joy. Strictly speaking at the boundaries of Hackney, but a brilliant place that many people in the borough will gravitate to on a Saturday or Sunday. At Christmas time, you can go and buy your Christmas...  Read More



Violet was founded by Claire Ptak, formerly a pastry chef at Chez Panisse in Berkley California. From there, she founded Violet in East London, first selling cakes at Broadway market, and regularly selling out, and then opening her little shop...  Read More



Ridley Road Market is a far cry from the chichi other parts of Hackney. It has for the most part retained its traditional character. East End "barrow boys" will sell you fruit and vegetables with a cheeky smile, alongside shops for Haitians,...  Read More



Tatty Devine opened their first store on London's Brick Lane in 2001, and they've been going great guns ever since. The store now has a second in Monmouth Street, London's West End, which is a testament to their growing popularity. Harriet Vine...  Read More



Stoke Newington Church St is a long and winding street in the North of Hackney. It winds its way towards the borough of Islington, and passes through many different incarnations on it's way east and west. There is a great gourmet organic food...  Read More



Borough Wines has a few branches in London and Kent. In Borough Market, Stoke Newington, and Deal in Kent. But their little shop in Wilton Way in Hackney is bringing the wonderful world of wine to Hackney. It is a small shop, but they definitely...  Read More

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Rough Trade Records, both East and West, is a brilliant place to shop for musics. It's a musicians, and muso's place to go in the heart of London. So successful has the store become, that they are now working on a "Rough Trade NYC" too. As...  Read More


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