Enjoy Wide Open Spaces, Flora and Fauna in Edinburgh's Parks

The city of Edinburgh benefits from a large number of good parks and open spaces. It is traditionally claimed that Edinburgh (like Rome) was built over seven hills. However, there is some speculation regarding the identity of these summits, as there are in fact ten hills within the city boundaries. Many are the location of urban parks arguably the most spectacular of which is the extinct volcano of Arthur’s Seat (situated in Holyrood Park) which is ideal for those seeking an oasis of calm away from city living and some incredible views of the city.

Scotland’s capital is also home to a number of beautiful nature reserves including wetlands and mature woodland which make for excellent bird watching and orienteering. Figgate Park is home to an incredible array of wildlife and also boasts a lovely playground for the children

As if this was not already sufficient to please those who yearn to escape the bustle of city life and enjoy flora and fauna in its natural habitat there is also the award winning Royal Botanic Gardens, which is not only a beautiful park to visit, but is also at the forefront of aims to conserve the plants and herbs of Scotland, as well as those from more exotic climes.



At the foot of the castle and along Edinburgh's main thoroughfare you'll find Princes Street Gardens. It's a popular place for locals and tourists to enjoy a spot of lunch and take in the breathtaking views of Edinburgh Castle. The park is split...  Read More



Corstorphine Hill is an L-shaped wooded ridge which has been designated a Regionally Important Geological Site due to the variety and accessibility of interesting rock formations found there. It is also a nature reserve which is home to a large...  Read More

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Cammo Estate is a nature reserve situated close to Turnhouse Golf Course and the River Almond in the north west of the city. It is owned and maintained by Edinburgh Council. Cammo was once the site of one of Edinburgh's most palatial...  Read More



Situated close to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Stockbridge, Inverleith Park is one of Scotland's largest urban parks. Opened in 1891, the park still features its original boating pond, playing fields and tree-lined walkways, but to these have...  Read More



Braidburn Valley Park is a lovely open space situated close to the leafy suburb of Morningside. The park is formed by the valley carved by the Braid Burn as it winds from the Pentland Hills north to the Firth of Forth. The western boundary is...  Read More



Blackford hill was purchased by Edinburgh Corporation in 1884 as a public park and the Hermitage of Braid was added to the parklands in 1938. It is a nature reserve which features around thirty acres of mature woodland and is dissected by the...  Read More



Originally known as Caltoun or Caldoun Hill, Calton Hill offers one of the best and most iconic views of the city of Edinburgh. Granted to the people of Edinburgh by James II in 1456, the hill is now home to a bewildering number of buildings and...  Read More

Figgate Park


Originally known as Figgate Moor this wetland is home to a wide array of waterfowl which can be easily viewed from the boardwalk which skirts the pond and Figgate burn. The park is a great favorite with joggers and dog walkers, but also offers...  Read More



Holyrood Park (aka Queen's Park) is a royal park in central Edinburgh created in 1541 by James V from the twelfth century hunting estate of the Palace of Holyrood. It encompasses the extinct volcano of Arthur's seat and Salisbury and Duddingston...  Read More

Royal Botanic Gardens
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Any plant or flower, rare and common, can be seen and enjoyed at the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was originally developed as a learning conservatory for students, but it has grown to become an example to the world. The rock garden, arboretum, and...  Read More


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