Edinburgh Neighborhoods


2. Haymarket/Dalry

Haymarket and Dalry are located in the West End of Edinburgh, close to the city center. While Haymarket is mix of...


3. Leith

Leith has long been Edinburgh’s port and over the years what was once a separate town was assimilated into the...


4. New Town/City Center

When the Old Town became too crowded Edinburgh expanded to the North. The New Town and the city center were designed and...


5. Old Town

The Old Town in Edinburgh is a captivating warren of historical wonders. From the stunning Edinburgh Castle at the top of...


6. South Side

The South Side of Edinburgh is a lively, cosmopolitan area just to the South of the Old Town. This is where most of...


7. Stockbridge

Stockbridge is an affluent suburb of the city of Edinburgh situated to the north of the city center. Once a sleepy...