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    The Hive

    This labyrinth club is very popular with students and it offers a couple of dance floors and several bar areas. It tends to be very cheap in comparison with...

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    Henry's Cellar Bar

    Henry's Cellar Bar is perhaps best associated with jazz and blues but is actually home to a much wider variety of musical styles. It is one of the capital's...

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    The Auld Hoose

    Despite its ostensibly traditional exterior and unassuming decor, the Auld Hoose is not the run of the mill pub you might at first expect. For a start, it...

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    Boda Bar

    This small pub on Leith Walk has a slight Swedish flavor. It is cozy, welcoming and has a bohemian feel and a lively atmosphere. You'll find the clientele...

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    The Wee Red Bar

    This small venue can be found in the Edinburgh Art College and it offers a mixture of indie nights and live gigs. It may be small but it's also cheap,...

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    The Stand

    The Stand is dedicated to live comedy. Local hopefuls fill up the open mic nights and young comedians cut their teeth on the diminutive stage. On other...

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    Whistle Binkies

    Whistle Binkies is a cavernous bar that offers live entertainment seven nights a week. Descend the steps from the Old Town and you'll find yourself in a...

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    This classic, dark wood-lined pub has a laid-back appearance and a laid-back staff to match. It used to be a church, hence the name and the ecclesiastical...

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    The Liquid Room

    This club is one of the busiest in the city and it attracts a really diverse crowd of fun-seekers. Descend down the staircase into the underground venue and...

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