Seek Out Edinburgh's Best Restaurants a Short Walk from the City Center

The center of Edinburgh is blessed with many very good restaurants, and competition is fierce. However, anyone heading a little out of the center towards Haymarket and Dalry would find a smattering of takeaways, chip shops and cafes only interrupted by the odd little gem. The regeneration of Haymarket station and the gentrification of the residential area of Dalry has changed all of that.

You will still find traditional bars, takeaways and some great chippies, but now they sit cheek by jowl with upscale Italian and Indian restaurants and fine dining Scottish and European establishments. In fact for those in the know, many of the city’s best eateries can be found in this rather unassuming location.

Just round the corner from the train station you can enjoy the very best in modern Scottish cuisine in the wonderfully relaxed Atelier. This chic restaurant is the equal of any of the city center’s best, but manages to retain a laconic and charming ambiance not often found in such a fine dining establishment.

Head further out into the tenement flats of Dalry and you will find one of the city’s best Italian restaurants, the delightful Locanda De Gusti. Traditional, welcoming and disarmingly simple, their menu is a true homage to Neopolitan cuisine which has won many admirers.

You may have to look a little harder to find the best that Haymarket and Dalry have to offer – but never fear, we are here to help!


Ola Kala is a Greek takeaway restaurant with a small dining area located on Morison Street, in the West End of the city. Diminutive in size, and with only a few tables, this takeaway restaurant is nevertheless bustling and the aromas that greet you when you walk in the door make up for the no frills decoration. The menu is not large, but features delicious and traditional Greek favorites such as souvlaki and gyros. They also serve very good chips and a selection of Greek salads and dips. Unlike the tired overcooked kebabs found in many similar eateries, the freshly cooked food is spicy, warm and delicious and clearly very popular.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: Not haute cuisine, but very tasty home made food at rock bottom prices

Simon's expert tip: The pork gyros are crispy, tender and delicious - putting lesser kebabs to shame

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The Khukuri is a delightful Nepalese Restaurant situated close to Haymarket Station in West Maitland Street. Inside the restaurant is beautifully and tastefully decorated, and your welcome could not be warmer. Khukuri blends fresh local produce with herbs and spices imported from Nepal to give a truly authentic flavor which has won them many admirers. The menu is a combination of classic curries (you will find all of your favorites here) with delicious biryanis and a selection of house specialties ranging from mild and fragrant dishes to hot and spicy offerings as well as rich and tempting tandoori and seafood options.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: Khukuri is one of the best places to try delicious Nepalese cuisine

Simon's expert tip: Their thali dishes (vegetarian, chicken or lamb) are a great choice if you are having difficulty making up your mind

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The Indian Cavalry Club has long been a feature of the Edinburgh dining scene. The ambience is upscale and traditional without being stuffy. The décor is evocative of British India during the Victorian years and waiting staff are impeccably dressed. The menu is massive – which can be a little daunting for those new to Indian cuisine. However, it means there is something to suit every palate including plenty of vegetarian options, as well as tandoori, biryani, balti, seafood curries, and the most popular dish, Red Fort chicken. Its location and set meal deals make it popular for business lunches and dinners, but the rather more chic pakora bar is also worth trying.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: The Indian Cavalry Club has bags of charm and a massive menu with something to please everyone

Simon's expert tip: With a number of different dining rooms you can opt for a formal or relaxed dining experience

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Sushiya is a small, but perfectly formed sushi restaurant which brings a little slice of Tokyo to Edinburgh. The decor is minimalist and stylish, as are the bowls and plates, with the flourish provided by the intricately prepared dishes and garnishes. The food almost looks too good to eat! There is a wide array of sushi on offer with all of the traditional favorites making an appearance, but their teriyaki, ramen and tempura are also superb. Sushiya has a small dining area and their sushi is very much in demand so booking is advisable. They also do a brisk takeaway trade so if you are unable to book ahead you need not be disappointed.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: Wonderful sushi and a relaxed convivial atmosphere make Sushiya a great place to eat

Simon's expert tip: The black sesame ice cream is simply wonderful and is enough of a reason to visit on its own.

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Airport - Edi

Situated only a stone's throw from Haymarket Station, La Bruschetta has been serving classic Italian dishes to an enthusiastic public since 2002. The winning combination of an unfussy traditional approach and fresh local produce has made Chef Giovanni Cariello many admirers. The interior of the restaurant is simply but beautifully decorated with deep maroon panels complimenting crisp white linen and sparkling glass. There is an a la carte menu featuring stuzzichini (finger foods), antipasti, starters and main course as well as a set menu del giorno with options on two or three courses. You will also find daily specials on their board – which is always worth a look.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: For classic Italian cuisine La Bruschetta is the perfect choice

Simon's expert tip: The set menu offers very good value and is perfect if you only have a little time to spend.

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Great food, great staff, and a great atmosphere really make First Coast stand out in the Haymarket area. There aren't a lot of great places to eat as you go further West in Edinburgh so this restaurant is well worth seeking out. They're open for lunch and dinner and you'll find an interesting mixture of imaginatively presented dishes. There are always tasty vegetarian options alongside a great choice of meat and fish. The menu is updated frequently and it mixes quality Scottish ingredients with influences from other cuisines to create an eclectic choice. There's also an interesting choice of desserts so make sure you leave some room.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: First Coast is very welcoming and serves delicious food at reasonable prices

Simon's expert tip: You'll find some good vegetarian options at First Coast.

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B&D's Kitchen is a real treat for lovers of Cantonese and Chinese food. Hiding behind an unassuming shop front on Dalry Road, the simple decor and unfussy approach is a refreshing change from the ornate and rather kitsch style adopted by many Chinese restaurants. Bare stone walls are adorned by a few well-chosen pictures and decorations. The tables are simply dressed and uncluttered. Where this restaurant really shines is in the traditional and delicious food whipped up in the small kitchen. The menu steers clear of the same tired dishes to offer instead an inviting array of fresh seafood, meat and vegetables, as well as delectable dim sum. B&D's is a relatively new restaurant, but is already very popular - so be sure to book a table.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: No frills, no fuss, just great Chinese cuisine at B&D's Kitchen

Simon's expert tip: Some of the specialist dishes need to be ordered in advance so it's worth checking out the menu before you visit.

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Ignite is a stylish North Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant situated close to Haymarket Station on Morrison Street. The interior is chic but also comfortable with rich burnt orange walls and beautiful Moroccan style lamps. The menu is impressively large. The classics menu encompasses all of the most popular traditional curries, with the choice of vegetarian, chicken, lamb, veal, prawn or king prawn varieties. There is also a sizable main menu, a vegetarian menu, a tandoori menu, a seafood menu and a biryani menu! Despite the sheer number of dishes on offer, it is clear that each dish is given the time and respect it deserves. Spices and heat are beautifully balanced and the end result is a joy for the taste buds.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: Ignite is an excellent Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, well worth seeking out

Simon's expert tip: The tasting menu for groups of up to 60 people is a real treat for lovers of spicy food

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Locanda De Gusti is a warm and friendly Italian restaurant on Dalry Road, in the west end of Edinburgh. The chef and owner Rosario Sartore made his mark on the Edinburgh food scene over a decade ago with the popular La Partenope. Locanda De Gusti is a smaller and more intimate affair, but lacks none of the charm of his earlier venture. The decor is rustic and inviting with the beguiling aroma of fresh and delicious breads, pastas and seafood. The menu is not large, and at first glance the dishes sound simple and uncomplicated, yet the flavors will soon convert any doubters. This is traditional Neapolitan cuisine at its best.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: For delicious and authentic Italian food try Locanda De Gusti

Simon's expert tip: The Italian classic Tiramisu can often disappoint, but in this case it is a creamy and fragrant triumph.

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The Atelier is a stylish yet relaxed European – Scottish restaurant located close to Haymarket station in the heart of the West End of Edinburgh. Chef Maciek has earned quite a reputation for producing bold and unusual flavor combinations to delight the palate, winning accolades such as "best newcomer" along the way. The interior of the restaurant is simply furnished with smooth wooden tables, minimalist decoration and soft lighting. This adds a comfortable and inviting ambiance which ensures that Atelier never feels pretentious despite the invention on display in the menu. The drinks list is wide and varied and the menu contains many surprises, but you will be glad you stepped out of your comfort zone as the food is very, very good.

Recommended for Haymarket/Dalry's Best Restaurants because: Atelier serves delicious and innovative food at very reasonable prices.

Simon's expert tip: Make sure you leave room for a dessert as their pudding menu would tempt even the most determined ascetic.

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