Best Dubai Restaurants

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    Blue Elephant

    Widely regarded as one of Dubai's finest Thai restaurants, the distinctive Blue Elephant features a tranquil waterfall, exotic flowers and greenery, and...

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    Shabestan's chefs coyly attribute their ultra-tender meats to a culinary 'secret' that they won't disclose. This sophisticated Persian eatery, which has...

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    You can't eat any higher in the center of Dubai – Vu's, on the 50th floor at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, takes the stratospheric biscuit. Your ears may pop...

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    La Baie

    Definitely one for that special occasion, La Baie's opulent surroundings are matched by their superb cuisine, prepared by chefs at the top of their culinary...

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    Al Muntaha

    If you don't fancy the idea of a sub-aquatic dining experience, then the Burj serves up an exhilarating alternative, 200 meters up into the sky. Al Muntaha,...

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    Al Mahara

    There can't be many restaurants in the world where you hop in a 'submarine' to get to your dining table. But then Al Mahara isn't your standard seafood...

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    Located on the first floor of the modernist Hilton Dubai Creek, this impressive Gordon Ramsay restaurant has built up a formidable reputation in Dubai's...


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