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    Front Climbing Club

    Looking around Salt Lake City, it's not hard to imagine that this area is home to one of the nation's biggest rock climbing communities. With such an active...

    Photo courtesy of David Sjöquist
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    Red Butte Garden and Arboretum

    The Red Butte Garden and Arboretum stands on the far northern edge of Salt Lake City, occupying the margin between the city and Wasatch foothills, above....

    Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren
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    Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

    Long known as the Salt Lake Art Center, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art got a new name in 2012. Founded in 1931, it has grown to be a thriving community...

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    Bonneville Shoreline Trail

    If standing in Salt Lake City, look at the foothills towering above town, to your north and east. It is there that the Bonneville Shoreline Trail...

    Photo courtesy of Ted Percival
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    Antelope Island State Park

    Great Salt Lake's largest island owes its name to John C. Fremont, who hunted antelope there in 1845. Several years later, a herd of 17 bison was introduced...

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    Natural History Museum of Utah

    Utah contains an incredible variety of geology, from the peaks of the Wasatch and Uinta mountains, through the expansive red rock deserts, to the bottom of...

    Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren
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