A wide range of accommodations within walking distance of Salt Lake's business center

People come from around the globe to visit Salt Lake City for diverse reasons. Some come for business trips, others to research their genealogy at the Family Research Library, and still others to attend the conferences of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And many guests come for the area's fantastic skiing, mountain biking, and golfing. Whether you're staying at a Hilton or at the Peery, you'll discover that Salt Lake's hotel industry knows how to serve any type of traveler.

Salt Lake City's downtown hotels span quite a price range, and contain both national chain options and locally owned, boutique establishments. You'll immediately recognize many of the city's hotels as belonging to national and international corporations, yet will also find a handful of family-owned hotels in the mix.

Hotels in the downtown district range from rather basic, roughly $80-a-night establishments, up to ultra-deluxe, as-expensive-as-you-could-imagine accommodations. Most stand somewhere in between these extremes, providing mid-level and high-end accommodations for moderate prices.

Though Salt Lake City does offer public transportation, you may want to keep in mind walking distances between your hotel and various attractions or conference centers when making your reservation. Given Salt Lake's large city blocks, a hotel standing only eight city blocks from a destination sits more than one mile away from it. And for those driving: though parking in Salt Lake City is not nearly as challenging as in more major cities, it can still prove tricky to tackle efficiently during business and peak dining hours.  

Holiday Inn Express Salt Lake City Downtown
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Shilo Inn stands immediately to the south of the Salt Palace Convention Center. It is therefore one of the busiest hotels during major trade shows taking place at this enormous, indoor arena. The Shilo itself is one of a few dozen around the...  Read More

Hampton Inn Salt Lake City - Downtown
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The Hampton Inn provides one of the best options for low-cost and central, national brand lodging within Salt Lake City's center. Though a few blocks southwest from downtown bull's eye of downtown, it nevertheless stands within completely...  Read More

Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown
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Originating in Minnesota in 1909, the Radisson Hotel brand has grown to encompass more than 420 locations in over 70 nations around the world. Salt Lake City's high-rise Radisson invites you inside via a handsome and modern lobby lined with...  Read More



The Salt Lake City Plaza Hotel represents an excellent lodging choice for tourists and business travelers alike. Located immediately at Temple Square, this hotel offers minimized walking distances to the Square itself, as well as the Family...  Read More

Hilton Salt Lake City Center
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Hilton has earned itself a name around the world for high-end, full-service hotels and resorts. This particular installment is just one of more than 530 Hilton hotels, spread out among 78 nations. With an emphasis on catering to business...  Read More

Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek
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Marriott is one of the most widely spread hotel brands in the nation. Offering a reliably high level of service and accommodations, this chain hotel has earned itself a spot as one of downtown Salt Lake City's most popular hotels. Located at 75...  Read More

The Peery Hotel an Ascend Hotel Collection Member
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The Peery has been a figurehead of the Salt Lake hotel industry for more than a century. In fact, it is the only hotel in Utah listed on the National Historic Register. Constructed in an era when Salt Lake City's VIP guests were mining magnates,...  Read More



Placed anywhere in the world, The Grand America would stand out as a top-crust, luxury hotel. And in Salt Lake City it undeniably holds first place as the most grandiose and deluxe lodging option. The 24 stories of this structure contain Salt...  Read More



If trying to predict the type of accommodations you'll find at Hotel Monaco, you must only think of the hotel's namesake country to rightly prepare yourself for the style of this establishment. Offering central downtown lodging with colorful...  Read More

Little America Hotel Salt Lake City
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When compared with its across-the-street sister, the Grand America, the Little America does not immediately stand out. However, once you walk past the bland brick exterior and in through the front doors, the Little America suddenly transforms...  Read More


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