Dozens upon dozens of Utah-made beers served in a fleet of attractive, modern brewpubs

Most people not from Utah would never associate the state with top-notch beer or a thriving brewpub scene. Bombarded by urban legends of lock-down liquor laws, hardly any visitors would imagine that Utah's breweries have, in fact, produced thousands upon thousands of barrels of beer and won uncounted national awards in the process.

While it is true that Utah's drinking population has suffered for decades under restrictive laws, the state's brewers have bravely continued their art in the face of a conservative government. Many of Utah's breweries have actually been in operation for multiple decades, creating both “Utah-strength” and full-powered beers. And while Utah law restricts the alcohol content of draught beers to that of 3.2% weight, brewpubs cleverly manage to serve the real deal in a bottle.

The good news is, some of the worst laws were actually abolished (or dramatically loosened up) as of 2009. Gone are the days of the “Private Club” and the 1-ounce pour. Today you never have to purchase a “membership” to enter a bar; simply show your I.D. And while the liquor pour is now capped at 1.5 ounces, it's at least a step in the right direction!

Operating in a city with a thriving restaurant scene, Salt Lake's brewpubs must survive tough competition to keep their doors open. As a result, you'll notice that each has a handsome, modern interior to go with a creative and varied food selection. Many offer a menu of new American cuisine, while others emphasize that from specific regions or nations. And some blend them all.  



Red Rock Brewing Company opened for business in March of 1994, and in almost two decades, it has persevered in the face of restrictive local and state laws to become a staple downtown restaurant and pub. Sitting just on the southwestern edge of...  Read More

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The Bayou can be described as many things: a Cajun restaurant, a jazz venue, a place to play billiards, and a pub. And the best thing about the place is that you can feel free to visit for any or all of these reasons without feeling pressure to...  Read More

Brewvies Cinema Pub
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Brewvies is one of Salt Lake's most understated and brilliant pubs. At once a beer bar and movie theater, Brewvies opens its doors to anyone at least 21 years of age and screens numerous “nearly new” movies, as well as other cult and classic...  Read More

Hoppers Grill & Brewing Co.
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If you happen to find yourself craving a beer or pub food whilst in the southern part of Salt Lake Valley, head to Hopper's. Serving food and drink seven days a week, Hopper's is open for lunch, dinner, and late night munchies every day, as well...  Read More

Fiddlers Elbow
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In a town ripe with attractive, modern brewpubs, Fiddler's Elbow stands out as the most sports-friendly of them all. Providing a clean and handsome setting, this pub invites you to enjoy a few beers and a meal while catching up with friends. You...  Read More

Porcupine Pub & Grille
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For anyone spending time in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, Porcupine Pub is the perfect place to stop in for a beer, appetizers, or dinner after skiing, hiking, or rock climbing. At once casual and upscale, the Porcupine offers a setting...  Read More

Desert Edge Brewery At The Pub
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If you didn't know where to look, you'd probably never notice the Desert Edge Brewery. Tucked in the Trolley Square Mall, southeast of Downtown, this brewpub occupies an inconspicuous location just off of the bustling artery that is 700 East...  Read More

Squatters Pub Brewery
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Located in the southwestern corner of downtown Salt Lake City, in an historic hotel, this extremely popular restaurant and pub offers lunch, dinner, and evening finger foods seven days a week, as well as Saturday and Sunday brunch. With roughly...  Read More

Bohemian Brewery
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Located south of Salt Lake City (in Midvale) is one of the Wasatch region's best breweries. The Bohemian crafts traditional European-style lagers, focusing on those from the Czech, Bavarian and German heritages. The accompanying restaurant...  Read More

West Valley City
Uinta Brewing Co
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Any beer drinker living in (or visiting) Utah has experienced the numerous beers of the Uinta Brewing Co. But significantly fewer have had the pleasure of visiting its own brew pub. Located about 15 minutes southwest of downtown Salt Lake City,...  Read More


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