DJs, light displays, mixed drinks, and the whole shebang - and a mixed bag of others

If you're looking for dance clubs in Salt Lake City, your best bet is to open your mind a little and be generous with your search parameters. While the city indeed claims a few prototypical dance clubs, most of its venues fall outside of the strict definition.

If you won't be satisfied by anything but a pure dance club – with DJs, light displays, mixed drinks, and the whole shebang – look no farther than The Hotel – Elevate. This quintessential club has five separate rooms, all gussied up to match your hot pants.

Area 51 also can quite properly be called a dance club. Catering largely to those in their 20's, this establishment features many theme nights, cover bands, DJs, and all kinds of reasons to dance like crazy while enjoying cheap beers.

Those looking for even more selection in the pure “dance club” genre would be well suited to travel up Parley's Pass to Park City. There the extremely popular clubs, Downstairs and Park City Live (formerly Harry O's), offer excellent sound systems, incredible bands and DJs, and beautiful people.

If you prefer to stay in Salt Lake City, and are willing to broaden your search criteria a bit, take a look at the online schedules of bar-slash-venues like Urban Lounge, Club Sound, and Burt's Tiki Lounge. These low-key establishments fill their calendars with shows by local bands and nationally famous indie groups. Others like The Westerner and Hog Wallow function as a place to get a beer, eat dinner, and dance to live music.

West Valley City
Westerner Club


The Westerner Club offers a totally different spin on the concept of "dance club." One of the area's favorite country-western dance clubs, the spacious Westerner is the place to wear your jeans, big buckle, leather boots, and hat. Patrons here...  Read More



Calling itself "Salt Lake City's Independent Sound Stage," the Urban Lounge is perhaps the most popular venue/ bar/ dance club in all of Salt Lake City among the young, alternative, or otherwise hip crowd. On the stage of Urban Lounge you can...  Read More



Burt's is one of the best places in Salt Lake City for a casual night out. Beloved by locals for its regular music schedule and cheap drinks, this State Street hole-in-the-wall is a great place to consume blue-collar beers and feel totally...  Read More



Whether you're looking for a beer and burger or in the mood to dance to live music, you'll be happy you came. Make your way in, sidle up to the bar, and place an order for your favorite cold one. After a while, should you start feeling hungry,...  Read More

Outside of City
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


To get Downstairs from Salt Lake City, you'll have to actually go up... to Park City. Yes, though you wouldn't guess it, sometimes you have to drive to a smaller town to find a bigger party. Given Park City's mountain culture, it is packed...  Read More

Outside of City
Park City Live
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Though it probably sounds counter-intuitive, people often make the commute from Salt Lake City to Park City to liven up their nightlife. This is because Park City Live, Park City's biggest club (formerly Harry O's), is one the best venues in the...  Read More



Club Sound is among Salt Lake City's most popular and busy concert venues. Neither a fancy establishment, nor a total dive, this industrial-chic venue attracts nationally-famous indie acts, underground DJ's, and a whole lot of...  Read More



Area 51 does more than its fair share to keep Salt Lake's young and energetic crowd entertained late at night. Those into dancing and techno, house and trance music will find this to be one of Salt Lake's best venues for combining those...  Read More



Located downtown, The Hotel � Elevate Bar & Night Club is Salt Lake City's most classic dance club. Offering five separate areas each with their own energy and intensity, The Hotel has The Lobby for relative relaxation, Club Elevate...  Read More


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