At 10Best, we're always on the lookout for Salt Lake City's best restaurants, and while we appreciate places that have a broad culinary range, we can't help but adore restaurants that specialize in a given cuisine. When we're in the mood for Greek food in Salt Lake City, we head to Granato's - a reader favorite - or we count on Mediterranean Market and Deli's solid track record and consistently great dishes. You'll find these places - and any of the restaurants on our list - to be fantastic options for Greek cuisine, and if you're looking to concentrate your efforts, start with the vibrant Downtown area.

Mediterranean Market and Deli
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

No doubt about it – if you're on the go at lunchtime and don't really have time to sit and eat, then this deli should be a "must." The place offers some of the area's best lunch specials, including delicious Italian and Greek-influenced salads...  Read More

If mealtime rolls around and you're craving Greek specialties, this establishment has a host of dishes to satisfy the need. Feeling ambitious? Shop around and pick up all the ingredients you need for a true feast – Mediterranean-style. If...  Read More

Don't let the name fool you into thinking this place is a purveyor of fine art or 19th century European antiques. No, Frank Granato's is one of the area's top delis and has been for almost half a decade. Locals adore the place for its imported...  Read More

While this cozy eatery looks austere on the outside, its aromas of grilled kebabs and sautéed vegetables immediately indicate that you're in for a treat. Dishes hail from Greece, Italy, and Turkey, and the rustic fare makes Café Med an ideal...  Read More

University Of Utah

Located just a stone's throw from the University of Utah, Aristo's Greek restaurant is a nice change of pace from the usual fast-food Greek eateries that surround the area. A rugged, almost clay-like structure, symbolic of the rugged Utah...  Read More