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Coffee Garden
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

What came first, the menu or the coffee? The coffee, of course! The menu was created to complement the java. Fresh pastries, hot scones, and desserts go with your favorite cup of joe.

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This is a great little spot for a midmorning or afternoon refresher. Beverages are the menu item of choice, with several hot and cold coffee and tea drinks available. If you have a hankering for something sweet, freshly squeezed lemonade, fruit smoothies, ice cream, and pastries are also on offer. But if you're in the mood for something even more indulgent, you must try the thick burnt almond milkshake.

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Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Elaborately decorated cakes are Mrs. Backer's specialty, and designs range from simple assemblies to absolutely elegant creations that boast intricate poinsettia or daffodil blossoms. Tarts, tortes, cookies, and trays of baked goodies have made Mrs. Backer's popular for over 50 years!

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South Salt Lake City

Designed to evoke a European hunting lodge, complete with chandeliers and a stone fireplace, this popular restaurant isn't your average burger joint. Neither are the menu's attractions. In fact, the signature burger, in an innovative break from tradition, is smothered in pastrami. Along with great burgers, Crown offers hot sandwiches, fries, and onion rings, all supplied in generous portions and all served fast and reliably.

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Vosen's is Utah's own authentic German bakery that specializes in a variety of amazing baked goods. Owned and operated by German-born master baker Markus Vosen, this bakery creates breads, pastries, baguettes, rolls, desserts and seasonal goods. Offering items like soft pretzels, streusels and plunderschneckes, as well as French, onion, and walnut baguettes, the bakery also serves terrific seasonal and holiday-inspired goodies like christstollens and zimtsternes (yuletide cinnamon stars), strawberry tartlets (in summer), and plum pies (in autumn). Those who have ever enjoyed the wonders of German baking know that this bakery warrants a visit. Beware: Vosen's is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Local Expert tip: If you become hooked on Vosen's Breads, you can even order their products online.

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If it's a good and simple breakfast you want, look no further than the Village Inn. They serve what are arguably the best pancakes in town – golden, light, and topped with a variety of good things. Other traditional breakfasts are tasty and fresh as well. Open 24 hours on the weekends. Business casual.

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This coffee shop with the colorful name specializes in Hawaiian coffees, which grow rich and flavorful on the islands' lush volcanic slopes. The shop itself has a coastal feel with rough woods and rustic accents. Patrons hang out with steaming cups of java, anticipating the buzz that comes from high-quality beans. To sweeten the experience, order a pastry, a muffin, or biscotti. If you require more than that, Bad Ass offers light fare, including soups and salads.

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This popular eatery is a great place to stop for a tasty breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. Located on the lobby floor of the Judge Building, the cafe has a relaxed ambience, making it ideal for everybody from tourists to suits. Go for one of the three-egg omelets, or enjoy oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins or a stack of pancakes smothered in pure maple syrup and warm butter. All breads and muffins are homemade, and several blends of gourmet coffee are available.

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Mediterranean Market and Deli
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

No doubt about it – if you're on the go at lunchtime and don't really have time to sit and eat, then this deli should be a "must." The place offers some of the area's best lunch specials, including delicious Italian and Greek-influenced salads and sandwiches. How does something with fresh-ground Italian sausage or Genoa salami sound? How about homemade Parmigiano-Reggiano or asiago cheese? They do it all here, and for less than seven bucks, you can walk out with a hearty sandwich, a side or two, and a drink. Located south of Downtown, this restaurant is often overlooked by the business crowd, leaving it even more open for those "in the know" to enjoy.

Local Expert tip: For a genuine, European-style treat, try dining here for lunch.

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If mealtime rolls around and you're craving Greek specialties, this establishment has a host of dishes to satisfy the need. Feeling ambitious? Shop around and pick up all the ingredients you need for a true feast – Mediterranean-style. If cooking is not on your agenda, then make your way over to the quaint dining area, where you can get just about anything you might want: a Greek salad with fresh-crumbled feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves, gyros, hummus, souvlaki, or kebabs.

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