Sweet and savory: gourmet, baked goodness in all shapes in sizes

The word “bakery” brings to mind loaves of bread, and perhaps some cookies. However, the numerous establishments in Salt Lake City that fit into the “bakery” category greatly outdo this rather stale image. Whether you’re looking for French pastries, Italian focaccia, German soft pretzels and plunderschneckes, surprisingly delicious doughnuts, or even a wedding cake, you’ll find yourself faced with a world of bounty pouring forth from Salt Lake City’s ovens.

Those in the market for a traditional American-style bakery should swing by Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop, a 70+ year Salt Lake City institution famous for its elaborately decorated brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and fine cakes. If you feel like toning it down on the sweet scale, stop by Great Harvest Bread Company, located at 9th and 9th in Sugarhouse. This whole-wheat bakery crafts delicious and hearty breads and fresh, to-order sandwiches on them. Get a steaming hot cup of coffee there, and enjoy a sample of “normal” or dessert breads, too! And though it’s not a typical bakery in the strictest terms, Banbury Cross Doughnuts makes a delicious fleet of crispy, moist and fluffy doughnuts every day that should not be avoided.

Those longing for some flavors from overseas are in luck when in Salt Lake City–a place rife with French, Italian, and even German-owned and operated bakeries. For French flair, go to Bakers de Normandie, Glaus French Pastry Shoppe or Pierre Country Bakery & Café. Italian food lovers should stop by Carlucci’s Bakery or the Tulie Bakery. And those in the mood for German cuisine should head to Vosen’s Bread Paradise.



Alright - Banbury Cross is admittedly not a traditional bakery rife with bread. However, this Utah institution has been a famous staple in Salt Lake cuisine and culture since its opening in 1986. Specializing in delicious - even gourmet -...  Read More



For more than 50 years, the Glaus French Pastry Shoppe/ Beau Brummel Bakery has treated Salt Lakers to some of the best French baked goodies in town. A bakery in the strictest of terms, this bakery boasts an entire menu filled with items fresh...  Read More

Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop
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Elaborately decorated cakes are Mrs. Backer's specialty, and designs range from simple assemblies to absolutely elegant creations that boast intricate poinsettia or daffodil blossoms. In addition to the fine cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies, and...  Read More



Located in Sugarhouse, Schmidt's Pastry Cottage enjoys the reputation of being one of Salt Lake City's finest bakeries. Schmidt's specialty is fine cakes - not just delicious cakes, but beautiful and creative ones at that. As such, this bakery...  Read More



Great Harvest was started as a grass roots bakery in the late 1970s by a pair of then college students. Making fresh-ground, whole-wheat breads, the bakery was a wild success and took off like wildfire around the nation. Today this Salt Lake...  Read More



This French bakery is a real central valley treat. Stop in any day of the week to enjoy Pierre's renowned breads and baguettes. Sourdough, whole wheat, rye, cheese bread and Italian focaccia represent just a sampling of the fresh-baked goodness...  Read More



Vosen's is Utah's own authentic German bakery that specializes in a variety of amazing baked goods. Owned and operated by German-born master baker Markus Vosen, this bakery creates breads, pastries, baguettes, rolls, desserts and seasonal goods....  Read More



Carlucci's is a hungry person's paradise. Offering an excellent selection of baked goods, as well as gourmet, cafe;-style breakfasts and lunches, this Italian establishment gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious foods and dishes with...  Read More

Tulie Bakery
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Tulie Bakery enjoys a prime location just north of the 9th and 9th intersection in Sugarhouse, and adjacent to Trio Cafe;one of the city's most popular modern Italian eateries. This tempting little gem offers some of the tastiest light fare in...  Read More


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