10 Best Reveals Salt Lake City's Best Spots to Enjoy Great Coffee and a Sweet Bite to Eat

Many, many restaurants serve dessert in Salt Lake City, and nearly every restaurant serves coffee. But at most restaurants, the coffee and the sweets come after a meal - and are not the primary focus of the eatery. 10Best has scoured the streets of Salt Lake City and uncovered a sweet group of eateries focusing primarily on scrumptious treats. And it turns out that, if you visit many of these restaurants, you’ll take a miniature vacation to Europe.

Perhaps no European country is more renowned for its desserts - specifically pastries - than France. Brining this country’s remarkably tasty, flaky, and oft cream-filled pastries to South Salt Lake City is Pierre Country Bakery & Café. Whether you’re looking for eclairs, café au lait… or perhaps sandwiches and fresh bread, you’ll find a cornucopia simply brimming with deliciousness and an emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients.

Farther north in Salt Lake City - as well as in Europe - Bruges Waffles & Fries brings Belgium’s most delicious treats to downtown Salt Lake City: Liege waffles and Belgian frites (fries). Top the waffles with any number of sauces, and pack the fries into a traditional Belgian sandwich. No matter which way you go, you’re not walking out of that place hungry - guaranteed.

Red Butte Café


Located in Salt Lake City's east side, the Red Butte Cafe offers its guests a special chance to enjoy high-end, casual eating. Combing a laid-back atmosphere with top-notch foods, Red Butte Cafe has invented an eclectic/ Southwestern menu...  Read More



Born in the restaurant's namesake city, Bruges, Belgium, owner Pierre Vandamme brought with him Belgium's famous yeast-raised Liege waffles. Endowed with the traditional sugar pearls in the dough, these waffles are served hot and eaten with the...  Read More



Have a hankering for a bona fide French pastry - say an éclair, croissant or pain au chocolat? Or a craving for a sweet, American baked good - like a brownie, muffin or cookie? Or are you celebrating a special occasion for which only a fine,...  Read More



This two-story cafe is one of Salt Lake City's longest-running, most classic cafes. Serving delicious, roasted coffees (ranging from lattes to dark espressos) throughout the day, alongside a fairly extensive food and pastry menu, this is a go-to...  Read More



This artsy coffee shop and deli is a great place to stop in whether you're looking to grab a quick bite or sit and linger with a delicious cup of coffee and a good friend. The homemade sandwiches are served in generous portions, and the freshly...  Read More



Committed to using local and sustainable ingredients, Pierre Country Bakery crafts dozens of tantalizing baked treats, as well as fresh sandwiches, delicious and varied soups, and classic French items. Stop in Monday through Saturday to enjoy...  Read More



Alright - Banbury Cross is admittedly not a traditional bakery or coffee shop. However, this Utah institution has been a famous staple of Salt Lake cuisine and culture since its opening in 1986. Specializing in delicious - even gourmet -...  Read More

Le Petit Cafe


This is a great, hidden spot for a mid-morning or afternoon refresher. Beverages are the menu item of choice, with gourmet coffee, espresso and tea selections available. If you have a hankering for something sweet (or have young ones in two),...  Read More



Carlucci's is a hungry person's paradise. Offering an excellent selection of baked goods, as well as gourmet, cafe-style breakfasts and lunches, this Italian establishment gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious treats and dishes with...  Read More

Tulie Bakery
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Tulie Bakery enjoys a prime location just north of the 9th and 9th intersection in Sugarhouse, and adjacent to Trio Cafe (one of the city's most popular modern Italian eateries). This tempting little gem offers some of the tastiest and light...  Read More


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