Salt Lake City's best and freshest ingredients available in these fine restaurants

Utah has an amazing climate for agriculture: ample sun, warm temperatures and a long growing season. So it comes as no surprise that Utah has a thriving local farming scene. As such, many of Salt Lake City’s restaurants have joined the growing farm-to-table trend, selecting local ingredients first, and creating dishes that match the season. This environmentally savvy movement, called Restaurant Supported Agriculture, means that Salt Lake City’s visitors and residents can not only enjoy a mighty tasty meal, but can do so knowing that their food is a fresh and nutritious as possible.

The number-one restaurant in Salt Lake City subscribing to the policy of farm to table is Pago. Serving meat and vegetarian dishes in the New American genre, Pago offers a diverse menu crafted from Utah-grown ingredients. And though Pago fills a very specific culinary niche, it doesn’t just accept that as good enough. Rather, this restaurant crafts excellent food that, together with an outstanding wine list, has earned the eatery national recognition in numerous publications.

Another top contender in the Salt Lake Valley for best farm-to-table cuisine is Sage’s Cafe. First a foremost Salt Lake City’s top vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Sage’s knows how to produce a mighty tasty, gourmet dish. Creating meals with 100% plant-based ingredients, Sage’s already goes a long way to provide healthy food to its guests, all the while reducing its environmental impact. On top of this, these plant-based ingredients come from local sources whenever possible.

Red Butte Café


Located in Salt Lake City's east side, the Red Butte Cafe offers its guests a special chance to enjoy high-end, casual eating. Combing a laid-back atmosphere with top-notch foods, Red Butte Cafe has invented an eclectic/ Southwestern menu...  Read More

The Paris Restaurant
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The Paris is hands-down one of Salt Lake City's most romantic fine dining establishments. Serving New American cuisine, The Paris Restaurant draws from Old World cooking traditions, utilizing the freshest regional ingredients possible. It pairs...  Read More

Flora Restaurant at the Boulevard


A locally owned and operated restaurant, this modern American restaurant brings healthy, inventive and delicious cuisine to the eastern side of the Salt Lake Valley. New in 2012, Flora serves artisan fare crafted with locally grown ingredients,...  Read More

Oasis Cafe
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The aptly named Oasis Cafe is a hidden retreat in the heart of Salt Lake City. Located beside the Golden Braid Bookstore, this restaurant offers not only a treat for the food seeker's taste buds, but also a quiet place in which to relax. Serving...  Read More



"Handcrafted New American Cuisine" is Metropolitan's claim to fame, along with their tasty, tapas-sized dishes served in an elegantly modern dining room - set within a renovated warehouse. In business since 1995, this locally-owned eatery...  Read More

Copper Common
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The Copper Onion is one of the new additions to the growing Utah foodie scene. Former NYC chef (and native Utahan) Ryan Lowder now brings his personal take on New American cuisine to his own kitchen with an approach inspired by his passion for...  Read More



Sage's Cafe is Salt Lake City's most popular, go-to restaurant for healthy, gourmet vegetarian food. In fact, this restaurant serves 100% plant-based foods only. Selecting local first, Sage's offers an ever-changing menu to match the season. On...  Read More

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If you're looking for farm-fresh, artisan food, Pago is your number-one choice in the Salt Lake City area. Whether you're looking for brunch, lunch or dinner, you can expect a diverse menu filled with tantalizing meat and vegetarian dishes of...  Read More


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