Impressive and Delicious Lunch Bites Found in Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, the dining out options have come a long way in the past 20 years.  This is truly a cosmopolitan city with an impressive lineup of restaurants with many varying cuisines, and chefs with equally impressive resumés in the kitchen.  Hot new culinary wizards are flocking to this great desert mountain city for many reasons.  We here in the Wasatch Front can benefit, especially at lunchtime, when meals are less expensive and popular places a little less crowded than the dinner hour.  Salt Lake City's restaurants vary from old world pubs, to established popular dives, to elegant upscale, to trendy modern.  There is definitely something for everyone in the way of food and price ranges.  

There are the popular award-winning established joints such as Tony Caputo's, now with 5 locations, offering top-quality, imported Italian foods. At lunch, you can sample the best of deli fresh meats, cheeses, and sauces, combined into delicious sandwiches, and made with home-baked bread and fresh veggies.  Each has its own market, selling upscale food items and gifts.

Blue Lemon, with locations in Arizona and Utah, advertises "pure clean food with a twist."  Their fast casual, yet sleek atmosphere is brought up another notch with gourmet plating.  Plus, the food is wonderful.

Whatever part of the city you're in, there is a great lunch bite nearby.  Check out the following list for a variety of wonderful choices.



Caffe Niche
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Situtated just far enough from downtown that parking is not a situation and the neighborhood feels relaxed, Caffe Niche is the perfect place to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Caffe Niche has a trendy vibe and an outdoor patio too. ...  Read More

Café Trio
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Cafe Trio, located on the northern periphery of Salt Lake's 9th & 9th neighborhood, is one of Salt Lake City's most consistently busy restaurants. Serving a contemporary and fresh version of Italian cuisine in a bright and stylish dining...  Read More

Eggs in the City
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Located a little north of the popular Sugarhouse neighborhood, and across the street from the popular Jolley's Pharmacy and Gifts, Eggs in the City offers great food, a hip vibe and easy parking. Breakfast items are served all day, the Biscuits...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Named after a lucky card in a popular Italian game, and with locations in California, Nevada and Utah, Setebello Napolitano Pizzeria speaks to the customer who loves authentic Italian pizza. Ingredients are imported from Italy, such as the...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Open 11AM til 10PM weekdays and 12AM on the weekends, Spitz is a very popular downtown spot with those in the know. The food is simply amazing. Known for their Döner Kebabs (pronounced du-ner), they have hit upon a winner of a cafe with this...  Read More

Pig & A Jelly Jar
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Located in the revamped Liberty Park area, with a new location opening soon in Ogden, the Pig is no longer a well kept secret. Winning "Best Comfort Food" at Salt Lake Magazine's Dining Awards, this little restaurant is a delicious gem. Thanks...  Read More

Oasis Cafe
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


The aptly named Oasis Cafe is a hidden retreat in the heart of Salt Lake City. Located beside the Golden Braid Bookstore, this restaurant offers not only a treat for the food seeker's taste buds, but also a quiet place in which to relax. Serving...  Read More

Tony Caputo's Market & Deli
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Tony Caputo's offers deli-style Italian cuisine in a prime downtown location. Creating incredible sandwiches made-to-order, and sitting in the center of Salt Lake's business and conference district, this restaurant is likely the most popular of...  Read More

Blue Lemon
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Blue Lemon brings their "pure clean food with a twist" to five locations in Utah and one in Arizona. Place your order at the counter and your food is brought to the table. So the service is fast and efficient, without the fast food feel. The...  Read More


Meet Jennifer Boren

A native of Oklahoma, by way of New Mexico and now Utah, Jennifer Boren makes her home in Salt Lake City.  A total lover of Park City, she spends many weekends there, especially in the...  More About Jennifer