Steakhouses: a perfect match with Salt Lake City's outdoor playground

After a full day of powder skiing or cross-country mountain biking in Salt Lake City's Wasatch Mountains, you'll find yourself unable to ignore your rumblingly empty stomach. And while such an outdoor adventure will cleanse and refresh you, it will also render you helplessly hungry. When it comes time to make dinner reservations, you'll sometimes find that the only thing capable of quenching your ravenous appetite, is a massive cut of perfectly cooked, USDA Prime beef... and possibly a side of king crab legs.

Salt Lake City has been generously endowed with an enormous amount of steakhouses. Though this collection stretches across the entirety of Salt Lake Valley, it is in the downtown district where you'll find the highest concentration of these restaurants. And it turns out that most of the city's steakhouses happen to fall into the top end of the quality – and price – spectrum.

For many, the concept of “steakhouse” is synonymous with “surf 'n' turf.” And even though Salt Lake City is indeed landlocked, it nevertheless has a major port of its own – the Salt Lake International Airport. Given the size and vivacity of Salt Lake's high-end restaurant industry, this airport finds itself quite busy importing fresh seafood daily. So if you find yourself dining at one of Salt Lake's top eateries, your seafood dinner will contain nothing less than market-fresh fish.

In addition to this fleet of top-end, new-American steak and seafood restaurants, you will also find a few establishments that dare to differ. For example, Rodizio Grill, serves in Brazilian cuisine with South American gusto. And Ruby River takes the formality (and a good chunk of the expense) out of top-end steakhouse dining.

No matter what your desire, you're certain to find a restaurant on this list to match your carnivorous needs.

Market Street Grill
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Nestled into the historic 1906 New York Hotel (alongside its sister restaurant, the New Yorker), the Market Street Grill has long been considered one of Salt Lake's best restaurants, particularly in the seafood and meat department. Offering...  Read More

Salt Lake City has fine, American steakhouses aplenty. But Brazilian steakhouses? Just one. Though it specializes in meats just like its North American peers, this “churrascaria” features a totally different flavor spectrum and style of...  Read More

Texas Roadhouse

Founded in Clarksville, Indiana, the Texas Roadhouse brings southern cooking to Utah. In business since 1993, what was once a single restaurant, has grown into a major national chain with dozens and dozens of branches across the country....  Read More

Spencer's for Steaks and Chops
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Located in Hilton Salt Lake City Center, Spencer's for Steaks and Chops is one of Salt Lake City's finer steakhouses, serving USDA Prime Black Angus Beef. Offering signature bone-in Ribeyes, NY strips, and filet mignons all cooked over their...  Read More

Carvers Steaks & Chops

Salt Lake City has a reputation among Utahans and national food critics alike as having a dense concentration of excellent downtown restaurants. But these high-end, reputable establishments dwindle dramatically the farther south you drive in...  Read More

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar
Photo courtesy of maveric2003

Situated in the Gateway Center, Salt Lake City's most attractive, outdoor shopping center, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is a stylish and elegant steakhouse, nationally recognized for their USDA Prime Beef, excellent steakhouse...  Read More

Christopher's Prime Steak House & Grill
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

Winner of Utah's Best of State “Best Steakhouse” and Zagat-rated “Excellent,” Christopher's Prime Steakhouse & Grill offers some of the best steaks in Salt Lake City. Situated on prime real estate in the Salt Lake downtown restaurant and...  Read More

Ruth's Chris Steak House - Salt Lake City
Photo courtesy of ⓥⓘⓣⓐ

Salt Lake City's installment of Ruth's Chris, a nationally-famous USDA Prime steakhouse, changed ownership and was relocated to its current West Temple home in 2009. Co-owned by Chris Watkins and Mark Robbins, this restaurant's leadership has...  Read More

Ruby River
Photo courtesy of jeffreyw

Ruby River is almost exclusively a Utah steakhouse phenomenon, with four outposts in the Beehive State, and one in Nevada. Perhaps because of its Utah roots, Ruby River offers much more of a laid-back atmosphere than many of Salt Lake City's...  Read More

The New Yorker
Photo courtesy of David Blaine

Located on Market Street – and therefore in the heart of Salt Lake City's favorite culinary district – the New Yorker Restaurant has been a Salt Lake City institution since 1978. Occupying the historic 1906 New York Hotel, this restaurant...  Read More


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