Salt Lake Valley's diverse spread of shops: big and small, familiar and new

The Wasatch Front is home to roughly 80% of Utah's 2.8-million-person population - meaning nearly 2.3 million people live within a short drive of Salt Lake City! Stretching from Provo to Ogden, this urban area is home to all types: Mormons, skiers, artists, bikers, musicians, and video-gamers. Some are 5th-generation Utah natives, and others are first-generation immigrants.

The point? This eclectic a population demands a diverse selection of shopping. And this large a population supports a thriving shopping scene - one so active that people travel from around the state to experience it.

Despite its density of businesses, restaurants, and residences, Downtown Salt Lake City has found room within itself to hold a number of major shopping centers and districts. The newest of these, City Creek Center, is a result of a multi-year renovation project in central Salt Lake. Occupying approximately 20 acres and containing 500,000 square feet of retail space, this newest center cannot be missed.

Also near to downtown is The Gateway, one of Salt Lake City's most upscale and generally pleasant shopping malls. This outdoor shopping center stands just a few minutes west of Downtown and contains a number of restaurants, a movie theater, and a children's museum. Trolley Square stands just a few blocks southeast of Downtown proper, and contains numerous clothing shops, food stores, restaurants, and a brewpub within its historic walls.

Toward the southern end of the valley, you'll find classic malls like the South Towne Center and Fashion Place Mall. These contain more than a hundred shops each, and all the familiar amenities of a modern-day mall.

Guthrie Bicycle
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


In business since 1888, Guthrie Bicycle is not only the oldest bike shop in Salt Lake City, but is also among the oldest (and is possibly the oldest) in the entire nation. In fact, Guthrie was in operation for eight years before Utah even became...  Read More

Wasatch Touring
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Wasastch Touring is Salt Lake City's staple store for outdoor goods. In operation since 1972, this has been locally-owned for four decades. Selling goods for both summer and winter "out of bounds" mountain play, they offer equipment totally in...  Read More

West Jordan


Built in 1877 on the banks of West Jordan Canal, Gardner Mill was a prominent site for flour-milling in its original time. Today it serves as the centerpiece of an appealing shopping center and stands as a reminder of the mill's importance in...  Read More

Foothill Village
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Located on the benches of Salt Lake City's posh east side, this fashionable shopping center - Utah's first - provides discriminating shoppers a range of upscale venues. Whether you seek ski gear, running shoes, or groceries, you'll find what...  Read More

South Towne Center


South Towne Center, billed as "Utah's largest shopping destination," offers more than 150 shops and restaurants. From Bath & Body Works to REI, the mall delivers just about anything you might need. Familiar names include The Buckle, Express,...  Read More

Sugar House


Sugarhouse is one of Salt Lake City's most magnetic neighborhoods for shoppers, diners, and home-buyers alike. Offering a number of locally-owned and national-brand retail shops, restaurants, galleries, and cafes, Sugarhouse attracts all walks...  Read More



Located toward the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley, Fashion Place Mall is *the* area's classic shopping mall. As one of Salt Lake's premiere shopping destinations, Fashion Place contains a host of familiar stores such as Dillard's, Macy's,...  Read More

Trolley Square


If you've ever driven the length of 700 East Street, you couldn't have helped but have noticed Trolley Square's100-foot-tall, light-up water tower, just a few blocks southeast of downtown proper. Marking one of the city's more central shopping...  Read More

The Gateway
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Located on the west end of downtown, The Gateway offers a large number and variety of shops - ranging from modern furniture, to teen boutiques and an Apple Store. This open-air center has a high-end feel, with its curving streets and walkways,...  Read More



Anyone who's lived in - or visited - Salt Lake City in recent years has witnessed one of the largest urban redevelopment works in the Rocky Mountain West. During a massive project called "Downtown Rising," numerous buildings, including the...  Read More


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