A fleet of bike shops as diverse as Salt Lake's biking opportunities

Salt Lake City is world-famous for its incredible skiing. But during the warmer months of the year, the incredible Wasatch Mountains turn into a five-star playground for cyclists. Whether you're into long road bike tours, downhill mountain biking, cross-country singletrack riding, or commuting to work by bike, you'll find a wealthy lifetime's worth of riding here. And you needn't look farther than the canyon roads and trails, and ski resort slopes.

Because of this incredibly large and diverse selection of biking terrain, Salt Lake City has an abundance of excellent bike shops. Some focus on road racing, others on commuting. Some specialize in high-end, specialty bikes, and others maintain a spread of prices and styles. Whether you're a wide-eyed beginner or a hardened expert, you'll find a shop that suits your needs.

All of Salt Lake City's bike shops are open Monday-Saturday and are closed on Sundays. So if you want to get some riding done on Sunday, you'd best visit one of these shops earlier in the week.

If you're just visiting in the area, don't be shy about asking the staff at these shops for ride recommendations. Though valley temperatures in May can be quite warm, mountain canyons and trails can remain cool and muddy until July. Additionally, many shared-access trails (in Millcreek Canyon and City Creek Canyon) only allow for biking on certain days of the month. For an excellent summary of the road rides in the area, look online at Salt Lake Cycling's website; for detailed descriptions of mountain bike rides in the area and across the state, check out Utah Mountain Biking.

Highland Cyclery
Photo courtesy of DennyMont


Highland Cyclery offers both bike sales and maintenance. Their retail fleet contains road, mountain, children's, and BMX bikes. These have been manufactured by Trek, Ellsworth, FITBIKECO, Redline, and Diamondback, and were assembled in-shop by...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Dave Haygarth


Cyclesmith is different from other Salt Lake Valley shops in that its first focus is on repair. That said, this shop still stocks an impressive inventory of bikes and accessories for sale. Cyclesmith carries Bianchi, Eddy Merckx, Salsa, Felt,...  Read More

Saturday Cycles
Photo courtesy of Cyclelicious


Many bike shops specialize in mountain biking or road racing -but not Saturday Cycles. they focus on bicycling as a lifetime endeavor and as a healthy means of transportation. Therefore you'll find their store to be ripe with exactly that type...  Read More

Wasatch Touring
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Wasastch Touring is Salt Lake City's staple store for outdoor goods. In operation since 1972, this has been locally-owned for four decades. Selling goods for both summer and winter "out of bounds" mountain play, they offer equipment totally in...  Read More

Bingham Cyclery
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


Bingham Cyclery is a highly-active, community-oriented bike shop that not only sells and maintains bikes, but also organizes and supports events and promotes general awareness of fitness and the sport of cycling. Bingham sells a wide variety of...  Read More

Guthrie Bicycle
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren


In business since 1888, Guthrie Bicycle is not only the oldest bike shop in Salt Lake City, but is also among the oldest (and is possibly the oldest) in the entire nation. In fact, Guthrie was in operation for eight years before Utah even became...  Read More

Contender Bicycles
Photo courtesy of Contender Bicycles


Contender is Salt Lake City's most elite bike shop, specializing in high-end road bikes. If you're looking for an entry-level cycle or a low-cost setup, this store is not for you. But if you're a serious rider looking for the perfect machine to...  Read More

Bicycle Center
Photo courtesy of Steven Wilke


The Bicycle Center sells Specialized bikes only. But though they carry just this brand of cycles, they stock quite a diverse spread of them. Offering many choices of mountain, road, and leisure bikes, this store is staffed exclusively by...  Read More

Fishers Cyclery
Photo courtesy of rbrwr


Fishers Cyclery is a rather small bike shop on the western end of Sugarhouse. Tucked in the far corner of that busy neighborhood, and well outside of downtown, this shop is easy to reach, and convenient to park near. Fishers sells Giant and...  Read More

Salt Lake City Bicycle Company
Photo courtesy of Ms. Phoenix


Located in the direct center of downtown Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Bicycle Company strives to serve every kind of cyclist. Whether you're a rank beginner or a true veteran of the sport, you'll find the service here to be excellent and...  Read More


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