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Get Your Bearings in Williamsburg

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Caution: Summers are beyond humid - so plan accordingly to limit outdoor activities to early morning or late afternoon; hit the museums and indoor attractions during the height of the day.

Take It or Leave It: Look for ticket combinations offered by Colonial Williamsburg - these are often the best way to save money, especially for families of three or more.

Take It or Leave It: Do try to stay in a Colonial cottage - many are original buildings and incredibly charming for their low ceilings and steep staircases.

Hot Tips: Book way ahead for holiday weeks or summer weekends if planning to stay in Colonial Williamsburg.

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Caution: During the summer season, beware of long waits for a table, as many restaurants in the area feature small dining rooms. Do reserve ahead if possible.

Be Sure to Sample: Virginia's best - ham and peanuts. They're plentiful in restaurants and stores, respectively.

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Hot Tips: There's no smoking in restaurants and bars, with the exception of open-air spaces.

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Best Local Souvenir: A piece of pewter from Shirley Pewter Shop, or a colonial costume from one of the many stalls throughout the historic village.

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