Sundance Cinemas: Seattle's New Best Movie Theater Experience

Dance your way to this new entertainment spot in the University District

By Corinne Whiting,

Lights, camera, action! A new cinema theater has come to Seattle, and watching a film here is an experience you certainly won't want to miss. Sundance Cinemas Seattle, located at 4500 9th Avenue NE in the University District, has taken the place of the former Metro 10.

After a complete transformation and redesign, the space now features a full bar and bistro, a cozy "living room" area and reserved stadium seating, where visitors can enjoy plush and comfy rocking "love chairs," a new digital presentation and new sound.

Seating is plush at the new Sundance Cinemas — Photo courtesy of Sundance Cinemas Seattle

The sophisticated decor incorporates wood products from the northwest with hazelnut tree twigs, a unique box office wood slab and handmade end tables. Add top-notch programming and special filmmaker screenings into the mix and, well, we're sold.

Perks of this new cinema include being able to reserve seats in advance; movie goers select online or at ticketing kiosks in the lobby and in the box office. (As an added bonus, there's no extra cost to buy and print advance tickets on the web.)

An amenity fee means that Sundance Cinemas does add a small surcharge to all tickets, varying by the day and show time. According to the venue's founders, though, this fee is for good reason; it "covers the extraordinary costs of being 'green' . . . and offsets the lost income from forgoing on-screen advertising revenues."  

All Sundance visitors must be at least 21 years of age. The good news about this requirement? One of the venue's highlights, the Sundance Bar, serves up classic movie treats plus a full bar featuring cocktails, drafts and bottled beers, local wines and a delicious variety of freshly made food, desserts and salads.

All drinks and food can be enjoyed during the show, too. In a celebratory mood? Full bottles of wine or champagne purchased at the bar can also be taken into the theater. We'll cheers to that! 

Movie buffs get their fix at this newcomer cinema gem — Photo courtesy of Sundance Cinemas Seattle