Up Your Knowledge Quotient at Seattle's Institutions of Art, Industry & Beyond

Lucky for visitors who are also keen to learn, Seattle is home to a host of curious folks who support citywide museums that cover topics from art and automobiles to music and cultures ranging from Nordic lands to those a little more local (like at the Burke Museum of History and Culture). Many of these fascinating, treasure-filled venues can be found in the bustling downtown area, while others find homes in sleepier, tree-lined zones that expose patrons to some of Seattle's beautiful outlying neighborhoods. Sometimes, the green, serene museum grounds are worth the visit alone. Most museums charge entrance fees, though many operate solely on a donations-based system. Additionally, countless venues offer several days each month when certain groups (seniors, teens, etc.) can enter and explore free of charge. Museums install permanent exhibitions that loyal patrons can visit time and again, while visiting exhibits of global acclaim often also make their way to Seattle establishments. Also of note, many Seattle museums feature cafes with impressive menus and gift shops full of their own treasures, meaning you should allow extra time to explore after wandering the cases and walls of the main attraction. If you're up for a day trip, consider also checking out museums father afield in Tacoma or other nearby locales.

Calling all car fanatics! One of the world's largest auto museums is right in downtown Tacoma, less than an hour drive from Seattle, displaying vintage, classic and modern cars on a nine-acre campus. The four-story museum building is the...  Read More

The Nordic Heritage Museum is an internationally-recognized museum dedicated to the heritage of Seattle's Nordic immigrants, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish Americans. It was founded in 1980 and can be found in the Ballard...  Read More

Henry Art Museum

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, and this venue will appeal to those who often least expect it. This university museum specializes in contemporary art. Permanent and temporary exhibits ensure that there's always something fascinating to...  Read More

Hands-on informational and historical exhibits distinguish this museum, which appeals to aspiring pilots and to those whose feet have never left the ground. Displays in the Red Barn, where Boeing's first planes where constructed, chronicle the...  Read More

On display in this museum you'll find informative hands-on and voice-activated exhibits concerning the history and culture of the region. One of the permanent displays, "The Life and Times of Washington State," includes unique dinosaur exhibits,...  Read More

Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is a great place for the entire family to learn about the natural world in an entertaining way. Children love games and demonstrations about physical science; exhibits displaying dinosaurs, insects, computers and...  Read More

Museum of History and Industry
Photo courtesy of Loren Javier

The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) is the largest private heritage organization in Washington state, devoted to teaching and preserving the diverse history of Seattle, the Puget Sound region and the country. Its new venue recently opened...  Read More

Seattle Asian Art Museum

This museum houses an extensive collection of pan-Asian art, focusing especially on works from India, Japan and Korea. Paintings, sculptures and textiles offer a cultural perspective on diverse traditions, and numerous displays (a meditating...  Read More

If you're ever going to visit a venue dedicated to the magic of music, Seattle is THE place to do so. This intriguing museum celebrates the history of rock and roll. Over 80,000 American music mementos are showcased in the ultra-modern Frank...  Read More

A 48-foot Hammering Man sculpture marks the outside of this vast museum, and adjustable steel panels flank the glass walls and allow light to enter the innovative front space known as the Brotman Forum. Upon entering, visitors encounter an...  Read More


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