Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods in Seattle

Sate Sweet Cravings With Gluten-Free Baked Goods

"Gluten-free" has become a favorite buzz word dominating the culinary scene. While many suffer from celiac disease, many others have health concerns that seem to improve with the elimination of gluten from their diet. A gluten-free diet excludes the protein gluten, found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). 

While following a gluten-free diet, diners must use patience and creativity when it comes to finding substitutes for foods they once enjoyed. Eating out can become more of a headache, but, thankfully, the Seattle restaurant scene is doing what it can to ease the pain–even when it comes time for dessert. The city is not only home to several venues that serve strictly gluten-free goods (like Flying Apron Bakery in Fremont), but many restaurants and cafes are conscious to include GF options (or substitutions) on their standard menu, too.


Fresh Flours
Photo courtesy of Fresh Flours

This cafe-bakery has four locations--West Seattle, Phinney Ridge, Beacon Hill and SLU--that includes items ranging from breakfast pastries and salads, soups and sandwiches to Japanese-fusion goods like green tea muffins, azuki croissants and black sesame cookies. The story of Fresh Flours began with a dream and two business partners, Keiji and Etsuko. Today, loyal fans stop into the inviting, bright space for gems like turkey chevre croissant sandwiches, quiches of the day, macarons (an exotic variety) and, of course, piping hot drinks. Enjoy outdoor patio tables, and check out rotating displays of artwork and photographs created by the city's local talents. When it comes to gluten-free delights, try the GF brownie and apricot bars.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Loyal fans stop into these inviting, bright spaces (located in several neighborhoods) to enjoy sandwiches, soups, salads, Japanese-fusion goods and gluten-free sweet treats.

Lesli's expert tip: Enjoy outdoor patio tables at various locations. (Easily take the lightrail to the cafe's Beacon Hill outpost.)

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Perk up your afternoon with a piping hot cup of organic coffee at Macrina. Happily, a wide variety of cakes, artisanal breads and pastries is available to accompany your java. You'll have trouble deciding between chocolate cranberry coffeecake glazed with chocolate ganache and a Morning Glory muffin, studded with pineapple, raisins, apple, coconut and walnuts. Gluten-free patrons have no trouble finding treats they can delight in, too. Consistently garnering accolades from local publications, the friendly establishment is perfect for a rendezvous with old friends or for a quiet hour with the morning paper. The ambience is soothing and friendly, and works by local artists often grace the walls of the popular cafe.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: This welcoming cafe offers an art-filled space, tasty coffee drinks and gluten-free goodies ranging from biscuits to cupcakes.

Corinne's expert tip: Check out the basket of discounted, day-old baked goods to take for the road!

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A casual tearoom located in Seattle's historic Ballard district, Miro Tea provides an excellent foray into the world of authentic Eastern tea for anyone who's looking for a nice hot brew. In addition to their tea, Miro also offers several savory dishes as well as desserts that perfectly complement their teas. With an excellent, knowledgeable staff and a bold menu, it's no wonder Miro Tea receives rave reviews from locals and tourists alike. Gluten-free diners will be happy to learn that crepes can be made GF (for $1 extra); try options filled with fresh spinach and goat cheese, topped with Spanish Serrano ham and an over-easy fried egg, or stuffed with fresh market pears, Brie, mixed greens, balsamic reduction, honey and walnuts.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Miro Tea is a casual, comfy teahouse that stocks unexpected gems like a small selection of scrumptious, gluten-free baked goods.

Corinne's expert tip: If you're a tea buff, you'll love the variety of options here, like tea lattes served with almond, hemp, rice or soy milk.

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First opened in December of 2008, Thrive set out on a rather defiant mission to tear down the myth that healthy vegetarian cuisine is lacking in flavor. Thrive accomplishes this goal by creating fantastic entrees with a little bit of a southwest kick: tacos, stuffed peppers and a variety of different kinds of chili, to name just a few. They also offer tons of soups, salads and, possibly their biggest draw, a full menu of all-natural organic juices. They also offer up a few culinary classes for those who are looking for a little more than just takeout. Healthy eating rules the scene at this gem!

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Enjoy Thrive sweets to end a delicious, healthful meal like the macaroons, truffles or "Key Lime Eclipse."

Corinne's expert tip: Not only does this venue thrive in the food department; also check out their classes and other special events.

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Opened in 2007, this "boutique bakery" caught the attention of aficionados; soon the "cupcake craze" was seemingly everywhere. This Wallingford vintage schoolhouse was the first location, but three more followed in short order. Whether you prefer the good old standbys of vanilla or chocolate, or care to try the Elvis, Black Forest or Raspberry Macaroon, you'll get a carefully-crafted treat baked from scratch daily (and made with the finest quality ingredients). The latest craze? Gluten-free options you won't want to miss. You can design your own custom cupcakes for any event; our sweet treats promise to please all your party goers.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Trophy Cupcakes has made a splash all over town with made-from-scratch cupcakes of all flavors and now gluten-free options, too.

Corinne's expert tip: The gluten-free Neapolitan cupcake features Valrhona chocolate cake (made with Manini's GF flour), with a swirl of both strawberry and vanilla buttercreams, topped off with a maraschino cherry and pastel confetti sprinkles.

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Cupcake Royale
Photo courtesy of Cupcake Royale

This popular cupcake bakery and cafe first opened in 2003 and has since spread to numerous locations including those in Capitol Hill, Ballard and Madrona. Loyal fans return for the delicious, made-from-scratch-daily cupcakes and perks like a buttercream frosting made using only real and premium ingredients (like sweet local butter and dark Belgian chocolate). Gluten-free folks with a sweet tooth will enjoy the double fudge brownie delight made just for them. The cafe's cupcakes can be paired with delicious artisan espresso under the house brand of Verite Coffee. The business works with Washington farmers and producers, maintaining the belief that buying local is vital to building a strong community. Cupcake Royale is committed to giving back to the community and annually donates more than 40,000 cupcakes to help raise funds for local nonprofits.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Cupcake Royale reigns all over Seattle; enjoy made-from-scratch treats of all flavors, and even indulge in gluten-free options, too.

Corinne's expert tip: Join the birthday club for freebies on your special day. Local ingredients star in options like the chocolate cake, made with gluten-free flour from Bob's Red Mill that's been swirled with buttercream frosting and rainbow nonpareils.

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Café Flora
Photo courtesy of Cafe Flora

Known to many as Seattle's top vegetarian spot, this restaurant's menu is innovative and flavorful enough to win over even the most ardent carnivores. Enjoy brunch in the sunny atrium and enjoy the soothing sounds of the indoor waterfall. Dishes such as cornmeal pancakes in pomegranate sauce or beignets with berries and ginger cream anglaise are served with fresh-squeezed orange juice. You'll also find plenty of specialty teas and juice blends to choose from as well. For gluten-free diners, relish desserts like the peach-blueberry crisp and chocolate brownies. For enhanced ambiance, snag a table in the herb garden or plant-filled atrium.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: This delightful vegetarian spot especially rocks the dessert scene with gluten-free treats like the peach-blueberry crisp and chocolate brownies.

Corinne's expert tip: The creme brulle features local Theo chocolate, and it's nut- and gluten-free.

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These vibrant cafes in Greenwood and also West Seattle are set in a warm Southwestern décor; their mission is "to provide delicious organic sustenance for a wide variety of needs and individual tastes." The venue is proudly certified organic--and remain 90-97% organic throughout the entire year. They feature a daily raw foods menu, composed of fresh organic produce, organic nuts, seeds, spices and oils; the menu changes often and with the seasons. They also offer vegan sandwiches, several daily hot vegan soups, rice and quinoa bowls and a daily selection of vegan and wheat/gluten-free baked goods. Loyal customers also return for the "living juice," wheatgrass and smoothies.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Chaco Canyon offers healthful, organic food in a bright, southwest environment. Gluten-free goodies rule the dessert menu!

Corinne's expert tip: Sweeten the deal; try the GF carrot or espresso chocolate cupcakes.

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With 10-plus locations in the Puget Sound region, the Puget Consumer Co-op is an ideal option for those truly wanting to "shop local." What began as a food-buying club of 15 Seattle families in 1953 has now evolved into a massive movement with thousands of loyal patrons. Community-owned and operated, these welcoming stores carry organic, locally-produced goods ranging from fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts to baked goods, cheeses, health supplements and natural toiletries. It's the epitome of the locavore movement and mindset. You'll be able to find plenty of vegan options here, as well as gluten-free items in the baked goods department. ( Just remember to bring your own cloth bag for shopping!)

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: PCC has locations all over the region, and here shoppers find fresh, local food as well as an assortment of gluten-free baked goods.

Corinne's expert tip: Check out the stores' calendars for cooking classes and other educations events. The store often stocks goods by local entrepreneurs (try Fremont's ZIVA hummus, for example!).

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Flying Apron
Photo courtesy of Flying Apron Bakery

Flying Apron bakery celebrates good health by using gluten-free, vegan ingredients; whole grain wheat-free flours and non-hydrogenated oils. Diners can use alternative methods to sweeten items with such ingredients as agave, maple syrup and stevia. The best news? There's no guilt involved when sampling the cafe's goodies that range from salads and soups to the sweet (muffins, cupcakes, cookies) and the savory (personal pizzas and shepherd's pie). Chefs get creative with the mock rye bread, tofu scrambles, pepper peanut quinoa, pesto tapinade pizza and delectable veggie lasagna. A few sidewalk tables give diners a nice outdoor-dining option for when the Seattle sun shines.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The Flying Apron Bakery is Seattle's only 100 perfect gluten-free and vegan bakery. Here, enjoy delicious eats both savory and sweet.

Corinne's expert tip: Check out the day-old basket for discounted goodies!

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