Healthy Eating You'll Love: Delicious Seattle Restaurants That Keep Things Light

Keeping a mindful eye on your health but also wanting to truly experience this city's thriving culinary scene? Seattle seems to have a healthy balance figured out, which makes dining at restaurants a very doable feat. (No need for post-indulgence guilt here!) This proves excellent news for those who have refined tastes but also like to keep a watch on how they fuel their bodies.

In this forward-thinking, health-conscious city, most chefs pride themselves on using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, many of which are organic and devoid of preservatives and other questionable additives. Diners will find a plethora of eateries, ranging from those that more "mainstream" to those that have gained a following for serving strictly vegan, raw or vegetarian fare.

In our roundup, we've featured fine-dining establishments offering some of the best service in the region (hello, VIP status), but we've also included lower-key cafes with intimate settings that are the perfect spot to enjoy a healthy lunch or afternoon snack. While some restaurants draw crowds for their magical outdoor spaces, others can be the perfect destination on a cozy, drizzly afternoon. Regardless, the food will be delicious and–more importantly–you'll walk away feeling full of energy and effectively "fueled." 

Heartwood Provisions
Photo courtesy of Suzi Pratt/Heartwood Provisions


Heartwood Provisions brings a bounty of contemporary, health-consious American flavors to the 1st Avenue culinary zone. In the heart of downtown Seattle, a brand-new concept centers around an intricate pairing program that matches innovate...  Read More

Café Flora


Known as Seattle's top vegetarian spot, this restaurant's menu is innovative and flavorful enough to win over even the most ardent carnivores. Have brunch in the sunny atrium and enjoy the soothing sounds of the indoor waterfall. Dishes such as...  Read More

The Whale Wins
Photo courtesy of The Whale Wins


The Whale Wins is the latest restaurant from award-winning chef Renee Erickson and partners Jeremy Price and Chad Dale (renowned throughout Seattle, thanks to their other masterpiece, Ballard's acclaimed The Walrus and the Carpenter). At this...  Read More

Flying Apron
Photo courtesy of Flying Apron Bakery


Flying Apron bakery celebrates good health by using gluten-free, vegan ingredients; whole grain wheat-free flours and non-hydrogenated oils. Diners can use alternative methods to sweeten items with such ingredients as agave, maple syrup and...  Read More

Omega Ouzeri
Photo courtesy of Sarah Flotard


A fairly recent addition to the Capitol Hill restaurant lineup, Omega Ouzeri whisks diners away to the rich flavors, welcoming vibes and cool hues of the Mediterranean, and it's an experience you won't want to miss. Executive Chef Zoi Antonitsas...  Read More



As the name suggests, this cozy Belltown outpost is a sustainable restaurant and food producer that fiercely promotes local sourcing. At this popular eatery based in the heart of downtown (at the corner of 1st and Bell), chefs make beautiful,...  Read More



First opened in December of 2008, Thrive set out on a rather defiant mission to tear down the myth that healthy vegetarian cuisine is lacking in flavor. Thrive accomplishes this goal by creating fantastic entrees with a little bit of a southwest...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Corinne Whiting


Award-winning Executive Chef and restaurateur Josh Henderson has done it again, this time bringing an intimate, cozy and welcoming eatery to the ever-expanding business zone of South Lake Union. The full-service restaurant and bar represents an...  Read More



These vibrant cafes in the U District and also West Seattle feature a warm Southwestern decor; their mission is "to provide delicious organic sustenance for a wide variety of needs and individual tastes." The venue is proudly certified...  Read More

Urbane in the Hyatt at Olive 8
Photo courtesy of Urbane Restaurant & Bar


In a sleek downtown space, Urbane Restaurant & Bar celebrates the beauty of the earth—its open spaces featuring a palette of natural materials that exude elegant simplicity. The eatery offers holistic healthy-eating options, with the...  Read More


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