Delicious Eats for Takeout in Seattle—From Bowls of Curry to Basic Burgers

Sure, Seattle boasts restaurants with some of the most inviting and charming ambiences around, but truth be told, some days you just need a cozy meal in. Thanks to this city's variety of eateries, we've been able to pull together a list of many recommended takeout options, meaning you can enjoy someone else's scrumptious cooking in the comfort of your own house, hotel room or even sprawled out on a welcoming green space when the sun shines.

Some casual takeout options include pizza and burgers, and even more unexpected choices range from BBQ to stuffed-with-goodness burritos (we're talking about Capitol Hill's Bimbo's Cantina). Ethnic eateries often provide other good take-home options; think sushi, Indian (did someone say curry and naan?) and Thai dishes from popular restaurants like Fremont's Jai Thai and Kwanjai Thai. Our list covers the gamut of Seattle neighborhoods, even giving an option a bit farther afoot in Kirkland. 

Many of the following takeout ideas on this list can be ordered online, making the process even less of an effort. (And if you don't feel like picking up your food yourself, many of these restaurants deliver, too). Regardless of how you get your food, rest assured that these chefs will keep you coming back for more. 

Pioneer Square


It won't take much time here in Seattle before you hear about this popular Pioneer Square outpost. For great Italian sausages, salamis, meatballs, or pork, try Salumi, whose name means "dry-cured meat" in Italian. Meats can be purchased...  Read More



Trying to figure out where to find the best barbecue on your world travels? This casual eatery should climb its way to the top of your list, as it has that of folks in Seattle. Have them pile a bun full of pork, beef or ham, and top it off with...  Read More

Dick's Drive-In


Choose one of Dick's five locations and return to the days of the '50s when you drive up to this fast food establishment. Burgers, fries and shakes are ordered and eaten in the very same spot – your car or standing nearby among the masses of...  Read More



This welcoming Fremont eatery (among other locations) encourages family-style dining in an environment that whisks visitors away to exotic Thailand. Feast on colorful dishes from different regions of Thailand that range from the red curry and...  Read More

Bimbo's Cantina
Photo courtesy of Bimbo's Cantina


What was formerly known as Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen has toned down its name, gained a little more space and become a 21+ only establishment. What hasn't changed, however, are well-proportioned tacos and quesadillas, not to mention...  Read More



In a cozy house on Fremont's main drag of 36th Street, feast on colorful and flavorful Thai dishes like spring rolls, chicken satay and tofu tod. For soup selections, sample the tom yum or po tak, and afterward relish entrees like the pad...  Read More

Taste of India


Featuring a vibrant, neon exterior and an intimate, welcoming interior, Taste of India offers a delightful dining experience from start to finish. The food, service and ambience make this a wonderful spot for enjoying Indian and Mediterranean...  Read More

Red Mill Burgers
Photo courtesy of Red Mill Burgers


When the original Red Mill closed in 1967 after 30 years of great diner fare and ice cream, Seattle was left with but a few places to get really good burgers, crispy onion rings, or butterscotch malts. Fortunately, John and Babe Shepherd saw...  Read More

Pagliacci Pizza
Photo courtesy of Pagliacci Pizza


Sometimes, when the mood strikes, nothing else will do. If you have a strong urge for great pizza, head to one of 24 Pagliacci's locations, where you can walk up to the counter and order a pie topped with everything from sun-dried tomatoes to...  Read More


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