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Tornado Club Steak House

Mellow and softly lit, this celebrated restaurant makes a strong showing as one of Madison's top steak houses. Flawless cuts of beef arrive with a crisp crust and pink, juicy interior, whether you choose an 8-ounce filet or a 25-ounce rib-eye....  Read More

Restaurant Magnus

Gracious and sophisticated, this restaurant has risen steadily in the eyes of patrons and critics since its much-anticipated premiere and is lauded for both cuisine and nightlife. A refined setting serves as apt backdrop for Nuevo Latino fare,...  Read More


For more than a generation now, Cardinal Bar has been one of the city's best places to catch new music and dance the night away. Set in a Victorian building, the club offers great sound and lighting, and musical styles range from the latest...  Read More

Maple Bluff

For club-goers craving immersion in sound and light, rhythm and spectacle, this expansive venue suits the need admirably. The place offers three separate levels and two bars, and music runs the gamut from swing and reggae to ska, dance, '80s,...  Read More

Capital Brewery

This prominent local microbrewery – which has won a number of prestigious awards at beer-making competitions – offers a place to kick back and sample the house product. The Bier Garten is Capital's seasonal, outdoor spot where folks flock to...  Read More

Set in what was originally a 19th century hotel, this incredibly popular brewpub attracts everyone from business folks to college kids. A pub-like ambience characterized by aged wood and stone sets the scene for this neighborhood gathering...  Read More