Take Out



Owned and run by a husband-wife team, this coffee house attracts a varied clientele, especially folks who appreciate the causes held dear by the owners. Something of an alternative venue, Mother Fool's hosts local musicians and performers and...  Read More

Mickies Dairy Bar


An institution with sports fans and locals since 1946, this neighborhood diner is a throw-back to past days. Short-order cooking produces fantastic burgers, and malts are a house specialty. Breakfast, especially, draws in folks, including UW...  Read More



Located on the university campus, this enterprise is affiliated with UW-Madison and serves as a practical learning experience for certain of its students. Ice creams and cheeses produced by the university are renowned for their flavor and...  Read More

Lazy Jane's Café and Bakery


Quirky, fun, and individualistic, this one-of-a-kind cafe is the creative offspring of local culinary figure, Janie Capito. Eminently comfortable and perfect for a relaxing meal, Lazy Jane's offers both dining and lounge areas, set with...  Read More

Michael's Frozen Custard


Folks in Madison just can't get enough of Michael's super-premium ice cream, which ups the butterfat content for maximum flavor and texture. No, it's not low-cal, but if you're going to indulge, why do it half-heartedly? The stuff is served...  Read More

State Street


Exhibiting the laid-back ambience and artistic penchant nurtured by the best coffeehouses, Michelangelo's greets patrons with a warm welcome and an invitation to sink back into a sofa and nurse a fragrant cuppa. The place is a fantastic State...  Read More



Homemade foods crafted with wonderful ingredients earn kudos at this terrific eatery, and the crowds that gather to sample Marigold's tasty fare are tangible confirmation of its quality. Sunny environs please folks who dig into blueberry...  Read More

Weary Traveler Freehouse


Weary Traveler didn't take long to establish itself as a reckoning forcewith its casual pub-like ambience and terrific food. The local favorite may be Bob's Bad Breath Burger, a perfectly cooked patty adorned with caramelized onions, garlic, and...  Read More

Bahn Thai


Should you find yourself craving fresh vegetables and lemongrass-scented dishes that recall Far Eastern culinary traditions, this intimate place is well-equipped to sate the desire. Madison's first Thai restaurant (and still its most popular by...  Read More



Located at street level in the estimable L'Etoile restaurant building, this cafe has been a godsend according to those local folks who appreciate European-style bakeries and incredible pastries. House-baked goods include croissants, gougeres,...  Read More