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By 10Best Editors,

Take a look at the beer aisle in just about any supermarket and one thing becomes clear, Americans love craft beer! While overall beer sales remained static in 2016, according to the Brewers Association, craft beer sales continue to grow, especially for microbreweries.

The proliferation of new breweries, beer bars, brewpubs and beverage selection is a great thing for beer lovers, but the choices can be overwhelming. 

10Best is making it a bit easier by setting out to find our readers' favorites from across the country. To do so, we enlisted the help of a panel of beer industry experts to nominate their favorites in seven different categories.

Now we need you to help crown the winners by voting daily for your favorites now through Monday, March 19 at noon ET. The 10 best winners in each category will be announced on Friday, March 23. 

Best New Brewery

Well over 900 breweries have opened since mid-2016 — Photo courtesy of iStock / EddieHernandezPhotography

According to the Brewers Association, more than 900 new breweries opened in the United States between mid-2016 and mid-2017, bringing the total to 5,562 with some 2,700 more in planning. With so many new faces in the lineup in the last couple of years, narrowing down the field to just 20 seems a difficult task, but that's just what our panel of beer experts did.

These 20 nominees opened since the beginning of 2016 and are already making a name for themselves in a very competitive industry. Which is your favorite?

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Best Brewpub

If you're hungry and thirsty, head to one of these nominated brewpubs — Photo courtesy of iStock / zmurciuk_k

Craft beer and good food go together like milk and cookies, a fact that many craft breweries have capitalized on by serving up tasty bites (alongside excellent house-brewed beer) to their hungry fans. These 20 nominees for Best Brewpub had to excel in three areas to make the cut: beer, food and atmosphere.

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Best Brewery Tour

A good brewery tour gives beer drinkers a deeper connection with the product they're enjoying — Photo courtesy of iStock / Portra

Another notable trend in the world of craft beer is that consumers are drinking more beer at the very locations where it's brewed. Microbreweries open to visitors tend to grow faster than others, perhaps because beer drinkers love to see how the sausage is made. Which of these 20 breweries offers the best tour experience? Tell us with your vote.

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Best Beer Scene

Which American city has the best beer scene? — Photo courtesy of iStock / subman

California, the state with the most craft breweries, has 623. Mississippi, ranked 50th, has nine. That's not counting the beer bars, bottle shops, festivals and homebrewing communities popping up all over the nation. What does this mean? It means that no matter where you are in the U.S., good craft beer is likely nearby.

But some destinations excel more than others when it comes to their offerings for fans of the brewski.

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Best Beer Label

These 20 beer labels are some of our favorites — Photo courtesy of iStock / JackF

It's said we eat with our eyes first, and the same could be said of drinking craft beer. With so many choices on the shelves of beer aisles from coast to coast, it's often the label that determines which beers end up in the shopping cart, and which stay on the shelf. Which of these 20 creative labels would have you reaching for a six pack?

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Best Beer Festival

Try new beers and mingle with brewers at these top beer festivals — Photo courtesy of iStock / Kosamtu

One of the best ways to try new beers and challenge your palate is to attend a beer festival. The number of such festivals on offer grows at seemingly the same rate as the number of breweries, with new options popping up on the calendar each year. These 20 events represent the best of the best.

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Best Beer Bar

Many beer bars have hundreds of beers on their menus — Photo courtesy of iStock / Gustavo_Asciutti

Unlike a brewery or brewpub, beer bars often boast menus of hundreds of different beers, including dozens of taps and even hard-to-come-by bottles. Many of our 20 nominees focus on local and regional beers, allowing visitors to put their finger on the pulse of the local beer scene without leaving their bar stool. 

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