10 Best Cool Cars in Havana

  • Chill Out
  • A convertible Chevy racing through the streets of Havana
  • Sunset
  • Fresh paint can't hide everything
  • Driving to the beach
  • Family outing
  • Streetrod
  • Smoke 'em if ya got 'em
  • You might as well do it with style

    Just Married

    This slick vintage Chevy convertible is just part of the fun in a wedding in Cuba.  Whether a Cubano has the means to restore his ride or not, the culture has perfected automotive maintenance to an art form.   

    Photo courtesy of Christopher L.

  • In the summer sun, you'll be glad you found a shady parking spot

    Chill Out

    This mid-50s Chevrolet sedan rests under the shade of a Cuban tree. With daytime temperatures peaking as high as 95 degrees and high humidity virtually year-round, a parking space in the shade isn't a bad idea.  Photographers visiting Cuba don't even notice the weather, though: there's so much to shoot.  

    Photo courtesy of MattJP

  • Sometimes you just want the top up

    A convertible Chevy racing through the streets of Havana

    This Chevrolet with its swooping contours and flared tail fins was typical of American auto manufactures during the 50s, which was the last decade of active trade between Cuba and the US, despite Key West, Florida being just 90 miles off the coast of Cuba.

    Photo courtesy of giselle

  • The day is almost done for this old warhorse


    Nothing shouts Havana quite like a newly polished 1950s-era Chevy, resting on a cobblestone street, with pastel-colored buildings on either side. You can practically smell that salt air and hear the pulse of Afro-Cuban tunes.

    Photo courtesy of Romtomtom

  • Say what you will, but she's still rolling

    Fresh paint can't hide everything

    Despite the fresh paint, this car looks odd and lumpy when inspected thoroughly: rivet holes are clearly visible along the sides and some panels jut out further than others.  With no expectations of new parts or vehicles, replacement parts made of native steel are fitted on to the best of an island body shop's ability.

    Photo courtesy of jennicatpink

  • A trip to the beach is never to long in Cuba

    Driving to the beach

    This early 50s vehicle was one of an influx of station wagons that were built in the post-World War II United States when returning soldiers needed cars with more room to transport their growing families.  Today, you can see this classic cruising the tropical streets of La Habana.

    Photo courtesy of puffy eyes

  • Hop in the Caddy, we're going out!

    Family outing

    This old Cadillac has probably been moving families around for decades, and with the proper care, it'll continue to do so. Judging by the bright blue paint and spotless grill, this Caddy's got plenty more trips to make.

    Photo courtesy of Adam Jones

  • Modernizing a 20th century ride


    A sun guard and decorative cooling ducts have been added to this late 40s sedan, which is as colorful as the building where it's parked.  Car nuts: note the opposed hinges of the doors, a common feature on many vehicles of the era.

    Photo courtesy of Los viajes del Cangrejo

  • Need a ride?

    Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

    This old, smoking beater may not be doing much in terms of sweeping up its carbon footprint, but it'll darn sure take its Cuban owners from point A to point B.

    Photo courtesy of kayugee


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