10Best Craft Brew States in the US

  • 2.  WASHINGTON<br />136 Craft Breweries
  • 3.  COLORADO<br />130 Craft Breweries
  • 4.  OREGON<br />124 Craft Breweries
  • 5. MICHIGAN<br />102 Craft Breweries
  • 6.  PENNSYLVANIA<br />93 Craft Breweries
  • 7. WISCONSIN<br />75 Craft Breweries
  • 8.  NEW YORK<br />72 Craft Breweries
  • 9.  TEXAS<br />59 Craft Breweries
  • 10.  ILLINOIS<br />54 Craft Breweries
  • Ken Grossman, Owner of Sierra Nevada

    268 Craft Breweries

    Wine isn't the only libation California is known for. With 268 craft breweries and counting – more than any other state in the US – there's bound to be a brew for every taste. While labels like Stone, Sierra Nevada and Anchor have become household names across the country, smaller breweries with more limited distribution are holding their own.

    Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada

  • Pyramid Brewing

    136 Craft Breweries

    Coming in at a respectable second, Washington state has 136 craft breweries, including the well-known Pyramid Brewery, headquartered in Seattle. It's no surprise that this evergreen state has such a passion for beer, as the first American microbrewery – Yakima Brewing & Malting Co – was based here.

    Photo courtesy of yoohoojuju

  • Left Hand Brewery tour

    130 Craft Breweries

    Left Hand in Longmont, New Belgium in Fort Collins, Avery in Boulder...Colorado's craft brewery list reads more like a roundup of the best breweries in the country. If that's not enough, Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival where you can sample 2,200 beers from 500 of the country's best breweries.

    Photo courtesy of SparkFun Electronics

  • Deschutes Brewery

    4. OREGON
    124 Craft Breweries

    Oregon certainly does its part in carrying on the beer heritage of the Pacific Northwest. When you land in Portland, you'll find a Rogue Brewery right in the airport, and you can easily take a beer tour of the state just as easily as a wine tour. Don't miss Deschutes in Bend, Ninkasi in Eugene, Full Sail in Hood River and the original McMenamins in Portland.

    Photo courtesy of Jeff Alworth

  • Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

    102 Craft Breweries

    Michigan is quickly moving up the ladder in the world of craft beers with over 100 breweries in the state. You may not find the big name craft brews of other states, but what you will find is some hidden gems – and maybe your new favorite – at local institutions like Bells Brewery and Founders Brewery.

    Photo courtesy of Bernt Rostad

  • Victory Prima Pils

    93 Craft Breweries

    German immigrants to Pennsylvania brought with them a love of good beer, and the state already had six breweries pre-Prohibition, more than any other state in the country. Beer lovers will probably be familiar with Pennsylvania's Golden Monkey and Hopdevil from the Victory Brewing Company, but the state has a lot more than just these heavy hitters.

    Photo courtesy of edwin.bautista

  • Lakefront Brewery taps

    75 Craft Breweries

    With a Major League Baseball team called the Brewers, it's a safe bet you'll find a good beer to drink in Wisconsin. Sure, Wisconsin's home to the likes of Pabst Blue Ribbon – hardly a craft beer – but you'll find a slice of microbrew heaven at Ale Asylum in Madison, Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee and plenty more.

    Photo courtesy of Jason Dean

  • Brooklyn Brewery

    8. NEW YORK
    72 Craft Breweries

    Whether you're cooling off in the summer or warming up in the winter, New York's hoppy libations have you covered. With 72 breweries, you probably don't have to go far to find one. Some of the best include Brooklyn Brewery, Southern Tier Brewing Company and Ithaca Beer Company.

    Photo courtesy of Matthew Hurst

  • St Arnold taps

    9. TEXAS
    59 Craft Breweries

    From St. Arnold, the oldest brewery in Texas, to the new microbreweries popping up in Austin every other day, Texas is quickly becoming a beer heaven. It's also one of the fastest growing states when it comes to craft beer, so expect the Lone Star State to be moving up the list in years to come.

    Photo courtesy of Beau B

  • Goose Island Brewpub

    10. ILLINOIS
    54 Craft Breweries

    Illinois is starting to make a name for itself in the microbrewing world, and you'll find many of its 54 breweries in the Chicago area. If you want to sample what's available, plan to attend the Chicago Craft Beer Week in May.

    Photo courtesy of Bernt Rostad


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