10 amazing pedestrian bridges you need to see – and cross

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    Pedestrian bridges can be simple and utilitarian, or they can be exquisitely creative masterpieces and feats of engineering.  We've chosen 10 such bridges that fit into the latter categories, which are well worth traveling for. 

    Photo courtesy of Sun World Bana Hills

  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge - Gateshead and Newcastle, England

    This tilt bridge that spans the River Tyne, joining Gateshead and Newcastle, is a masterpiece of design and functionality.  When the bridge is closed, pedestrians and cyclists are able to cross.  When the bridge is opened to allow river traffic through, it tilts and rotates 40 degrees.  It's often called the "Winking Eye Bridge" because of its elliptical shape and rotating nature.

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Mike1024

  • Peace Bridge - Calgary

    Tubular in shape, this steel bridge was designed to connect the northern and southern Bow River pathways, downtown Calgary and Sunnyside.  It's also the only pedestrian bridge crossing the Bow River with dedicated bicycle lanes. The bridge is stunning enough during the day, sporting its red double helix, but is even more beautiful when illuminated at night.

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Ryan Quan

  • Passerelle Mont Saint-Michel - Mont-Saint-Michel, France

    Off the northwestern coast of France lies Mont-Saint-Michel, a small island commune and UNESCO World Heritage site.   And in 2014, a 2,500-foot pedestrian bridge was constructed so that you can arrive at the island the same way pilgrims would during low tide: on foot.  Plus, you don't have to worry about getting stranded when the tide comes in.

    Photo courtesy of iStock / KavalenkavaVolha

  • Golden Bridge - Da Nang, Vietnam

    The newest pedestrian bridge to be featured in this gallery, the jaw-dropping Golden Bridge is a thing of beauty.  Two giant hands, meant to be the hands of a god, cradle a strand of gold which serves as the walkway.  The impressive bridge only enhances the views of the surrounding Ba Na Hills.

    Photo courtesy of Sun World Bana Hills

  • Webb Bridge - Melbourne, Australia

    The latticed Webb Bridge over the Yarra River puts the emphasis on art in architecture.  Brought to life from a collaboration between artist Robert Owen and the Denton Corker Marshall firm, it's an important contribution to the Docklands area public art project.

    Photo courtesy of iStock / robynmac

  • Pedro e Ines Footbridge - Coimbra, Portugal

    This optical illusion of a bridge spanning the Rio Mondego was Coimbra's first footbridge.  The structure appears to be broken in the middle, but actually joins at that point to form a viewing area.  It was inspired by the story of two star-crossed lovers, Ines de Castro and the Crown Prince of Portugal, Pedro.  They had a forbidden affair but could never be, hence the "bridge that doesn't meet."

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / CorreiaPM

  • Seonimgyo Bridge - Jeju Island, South Korea

    This arch bridge overlooking Cheonjeyeon Waterfall offers beautiful views – including the bridge itself.  The gorgeous red structure is accented with 14 white nymphs, seven on each side meant to symbolize a Korean legend.  It's said that seven stunning nymphs come down from heaven every night to bathe in the pools by the waterfall.

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons /

  • Henderson Waves Bridge - Singapore

    The Henderson Waves Bridge reaches great heights as the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.  The shape of it mimics an undulating wave, creating an aesthetically pleasing design, as well as niches within the bridge itself. In these little alcoves, pedestrians can enjoy a bit of privacy as they take in their surroundings.

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Kok Leng Yeo

  • Aiguille du Midi Bridge - Mont Blanc massif, France

    Aiguille du Midi is a towering 12,605-foot mountain located in the French Alps, easily accessed from Chamonix.  Visitors can ascend to the summit via a series of cable cars.  Once at the top, you cross a bridge leading into a tunnel.  The bridge isn't an artful masterpiece, but the views it offers from its short path are unbelievable. 

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Rémih

  • Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk - Walpole-Nornalup National Park, Australia

    Walk 131 feet above the ground, surrounded by tingle forest canopy.  The nearly 2,000-foot loop winds through the trees providing amazing views.  While most canopy walks are suspension bridges, this one is made of steel trusses and ramps, making it easy for anyone from children to the elderly to those in wheelchairs to enjoy.

    Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Dhx1