10 Amazing Sights Aboard a Viking River Cruise

  • Best River Cruise Line: Viking River Cruises

    Viking River Cruises, voted as the best river cruise line in the world in the USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice awards, takes travelers on journeys along the world's waterways aboard its fleet of 35 vessels. From ancient tombs in Egypt to medieval castles in Europe, river cruisers are treated to some of the planet's most spectacular sights. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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  • Cathedrals and Castles

    Traveling along Europe's waterways often means sailing past medieval towns with towering cathedrals and magnificent castles. The banks of the Rhine River are home to Cologne's towering Dom cathedral, as well as the hilltop castles of Marksburg and Heidelberg. Itineraries along the meandering Danube River unlock the architectural wonders of Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

  • Treasures of Ancient Egypt

    Viking River Cruises in Egypt take visitors along one of the world's most iconic rivers, the Nile. Cruisers along this long and vitally important river can explore the temples of Luxor and Edfu, as well as the Nubian monuments in Aswan.

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  • Tulips & Windmills of Holland

    There's nothing quite as colorful as Holland in spring, when its vast fields of tulips are in full bloom. River cruisers in Holland, no matter the season, can experience the canals of Amsterdam, the iconic windmills of Kinderdijk and the Holland Delta Works, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

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  • China's Three Gorges

    The Yangtze River in China is the third-longest in the world. River cruises on the Yangtze pass through the magnificent Three Gorges region and past the record-breaking Three Gorges dam. Scenery aside, cruising China's great river offers an intimate glimpse at day-to-day life in more rural areas of the country that many tourists never get to see.

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  • Gardens of Gaverny

    Cruise the Seine River in France, and you'll stop not far from the magical gardens of Giverny, the very same gardens that served as the inspiration for Claude Monet's famous impressionist paintings.

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  • Bordeaux Vineyards

    The Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde Rivers meander through Bordeaux, France's famed wine region, where river cruise passengers sail while sipping the region's finest between visits to local growers and producers.

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  • Floating Markets of the Mekong Delta

    The Mekong River is one of Indochina's most important waterways. Cruises along this river pass through Cambodia and Vietnam, with visits to the colorful floating markets of the Mekong Delta.

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  • Kremlin and Red Square

    Russia's waterways connect the magnificent cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Cruisers on these rivers have the chance to explore Moscow's Red Square, home of the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral.

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  • WWII Sites in Normandy

    Viking River Cruises along the Seine River stop in Normandy, where passengers can see firsthand the region's significant WWII landmarks, like Omaha Beach and the American Military Cemetery.

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  • Christmas Markets

    Passengers who plan their Viking River Cruise during November and December get a special treat: the chance to shop at Europe's many charming Christmas markets. Some of the oldest and most famous are in Germany, but France and the Czech Republic also have stunning holiday markets.

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