10 Best Cruise Destinations for your Bucket List

  • Western Caribbean
  • Alaska
  • Scandinavia & the Baltic Peninsula
  • Rivers of Germany
  • Mississippi River
  • Southern Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Mykonos, Greece


    Choosing a cruise is largely about the destination. The Mediterranean is a region packed with bucket list-worthy destinations, whether you're exploring Rome, Venice, Barcelona and Istanbul or the picturesque Greek Islands. Within a single day, you'll enjoy ancient history, sacred sights and sun-kissed beaches.

    Photo courtesy of L. Richard Martin, Jr.

  • Roatán, Honduras

    Western Caribbean

    The Western Caribbean, probably one of the most popular cruising destinations, transports you to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, white sand beaches of Roatán in Honduras and the laid-back island life of Cozumel. Visit the walled city of Tulum or dive the coral reefs of Belize from the countless ships plying the warm waters of the Western Caribbean.

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  • Anchored outside of Sitka


    What Alaska lacks in white sand beaches and warm weather, it makes up for with some of the most dramatic natural scenery and breathtaking wildlife-spotting opportunities available on this planet. Most operators have naturalists and park rangers aboard to help educate passengers on the diverse geology and ecology of the Inside Passage.

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  • Cruising the Norwegian fjords

    Scandinavia & the Baltic Peninsula

    Sail like the vikings once did through the seas and fjords of Scandinavia. The 14 quaint islands of Stockholm, magisterial St. Petersburg, modern Oslo and historic Helsinki are just a few of the ports of call on offer in the Scandinavian region. If you're more interested in natural scenery than historic and cultural attractions, board a vessel and sail into the fjords of Norway, passing jagged snow-capped peaks and cascading waterfalls along the way.

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  • Cruising the Rhine River

    Rivers of Germany

    Cruising the rivers of Germany offers a completely different experience than any other region. Smaller vessels ply the waters of the Rhine, passing medieval castles, the Black Forest region and quaint German villages, or sail the Main River through the heart of Bavaria.

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  • Delta Queen

    Mississippi River

    For a truly Americana cruising experience, take to the waters of the Mighty Mississippi aboard a paddle wheel steamboat to explore America's heartland. From New Orleans deep into the Midwest, boats cruising the nation's greatest river cater to a variety of interests, from music lovers to Civil War buffs.

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  • Roseau, the capital of Dominica

    Southern Caribbean

    When you sail into the waters of the Southern Caribbean, you'll be seeing ports of call less frequently visiting by tourist ships. Explore the colorful buildings of Curacao, soak in the natural hot springs of Dominica and bask on the sun-kissed beaches of the ABC Islands.

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  • Cabo San Lucas


    With convenient departures from Los Angeles, cruises to the Baja Peninsula, including spots at Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, is a great and relaxing way to explore the Mexican Riviera. Go golfing in Acapulco, spend a night on the town in Ixtapa, watch a sunset from a Puerto Vallarta Villa and go whale watching off the coast of Baja. If you have the time, you can sail all the way through the Panama Canal.

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  • Thompson Sound, New Zealand

    Australia and New Zealand

    When you go cruising Down Under, you'll get to dive the Great Barrier Reef, see the icy lakes and dramatic fjords of Southwest New Zealand and dock in modern metropolises, like Sydney and Aukland. There's a cultural element too, as you'll have opportunities to immerse yourself in the indigenous cultures of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.

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