10 Best Reasons We're Crazy About Cozumel

  • Azure Seas and Sparkling Beaches

    Travel to Cozumel is all about the beach. If white sand beaches and clear, warm waters are your only reason for coming to Mexico, they're reason enough.

    Photo courtesy of Grand Velas Riviera Maya

  • The Luxurious LeBlanc Resort

    One look around this jaw-dropping property and you'll never want to stay anywhere else. LeBlanc is sexy, cool, inspiring, romantic, exciting and memorable. They also have a staff of wedding specialists should the mood strike you.   

    Photo courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort Official Site

  • Delicious Chilaquiles

    This delicious Mexican dish is perfect for breakfast . . . or any meal. The mixture of corn tortillas, chile, meat, cheese and eggs is simply mouthwatering. Don't pass up the opportunity to try it when you're in Cancun!  

    Photo courtesy of Ed Kwon

  • Outdoor Concerts at Palace Resorts

    Enrique Iglesias and Usher are just two of the huge acts which graced the stage in 2012 Don't miss out on your chance to catch your favorite artist in concert, under the stars. Concert tickets come with room packages at Palace Resorts, so check out their site for details.  

    Photo courtesy of Marco From Houston

  • Monkeys All Around You

    With the ocean to one side and the jungle on the other, you're surrounding by wildlife, including adorable little monkeys. Vist the Punta Laguna Monkey Preserve just outside of Cozumel for close-up encounters with howler and spider monkeys.

    Photo courtesy of arvind grover

  • A Beautiful Underwater World to Explore

    If you think Cozumel's waters are beautiful from the surface, you've got to check out the technicolor spectacle just beneath the surface. This city by the sea is surrounding by colorful reefs teeming with life and waiting to be explored. Strap on your snorkel or scuba tank and go exploring.

    Photo courtesy of Skinned Mink

  • Fresh Seafood, including Ceviche

    Now that you've witnessed the ocean's abundance for yourself, get a taste of it. Cozumel's restaurants serve some of the freshest seafood around, including their specialty, ceviche. This dish made from raw fish cured in lime juice with tomatoes and chili peppers makes for a refreshing lunch or afternoon snack.

    Photo courtesy of Pghjared

  • Cold Cerveza, Hot Sun

    A good bowl of ceviche needs a cold Mexican beer to wash it down. Mexican cervezas may not be the fanciest in the world, but they're brewed for easy drinking and maximum thirst-quenching, so when you're lazing in the sun, reach for a Corona, XX or Sol to sooth your parched throat.

    Photo courtesy of pato garza

  • Friendly Locals

    Cozumel locals are famous for their warm and inviting hospitality. Even if your Spanish is shoddy, head to the main Cozumel square in the evenings to mingle with the locals and make some new friends.

    Photo courtesy of Seth J

  • Fun Shopping

    A stroll down Rafael Melgar, Cozumel's coastal road, will reveal an entire row of shops selling Mexican handicrafts, souvenirs, jewelry and t-shirts. Practice your haggling skills at the crafts market on Calle 1 Sur or rub elbows with the locals at the Mercado Municipal, a daily wet market selling produce and fresh seafood.

    Photo courtesy of Jay Clark