10 Movie Locations You'll Recognize in Paris

  • Quai de Montebello

    Paris in Movies- Quai de Montebello

    As the City of Romance, Paris has spent it's fair share of time in the spotlight. 10 Best walks you through some famous filming locations, starting with Quai de Montebello. Gene Kelly serenades Leslie Caron here in An American in Paris – a scene to which Woody Allen paid homage not once but twice: first in Everyone Says I Love You (the surreal dance with Goldie Hawn) and, more recently, in Midnight in Paris.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Rue Montagne Ste Genevieve

    Rue Montagne Ste Genevieve

    Speaking of Midnight in Paris, this is where Owen Wilson loves to hang out when the clock strikes twelve in the French capital, waiting for a cab to take him back to the Roaring Twenties.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Rue Chappe

    Rue Chappe

    After a great song and dance, Leslie Caron and Gene Kelly eventually make up in the final scene of An American in Paris, staging their reconciliation at the top of Rue Chappe underneath the Sacré Cœur. Ever since, the Rue Chappe stairway has been Hollywood’s favourite Montmartre location, used in countless movies including Paris Blues, Forget Paris and An Education. 

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Rue des Trois Freres

    Rue des Trois Freres

    While we are already in Montmartre, let’s walk down Rue des Trois Frères where Amelie lives at no. 56, and where, next door, she shops for her groceries. The real-life shopkeeper liked the look given to his premises by the movie’s Art Directors so much that he kept it – along with the Maison Collignon sign over his shop.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Rue Paul Albert

    Rue Paul Albert

    A little further up the hill, on the corner of Rue Muller (the street on the right), you can find the spot where – in French Kiss – Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline decide to go their own separate ways, having quarreled all the way down Rue Paul Albert on the left.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Bir Hakeim Bridge

    Bir Hakeim Bridge

    Bir Hakeim Bridge, is the “character actor” of Parisian motives which gets the call whenever the “darker side” of Paris needs to be portrayed. The bridge served as the backdrop for Marlon Brando’s howl of pain in the opening scene of Last Tango and also appeared in Spielberg’s Munich and Inception.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Place de Marche Ste Catherine

    Place de Marche Ste Catherine

    Don’t let appearances deceive you; No. 2 Place du Marche Sainte Catherine in the Marais, according to The Bourne Identity, is the global HQ of the Treadstone organization where rogue CIA agents conspire to harm and kill the innocent. But as long as you pretend that you're just a harmless tourist, you'll be alright. Probably.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Nemours


    If everything in The Tourist had been as good as its opening scene, it would have been the hit movie of the year. Unfortunately, the film flagged a little as soon as it left Paris. Still, watching Angelina Jolie walk across the terrace of the Nemours (near the Louvre) to have her breakfast is almost worth the admission price alone.    

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Pont d'Arcole

    Something's Gotta Give

    Pont d’Arcole near the Hotel de Ville, is where Jack Nicholson, after a nightly walk in Something’s Gotta Give, admits to himself that he has fallen in love – when, as if on cue, Diane Keaton arrives in her car, just in time for a tearful reunion and the final credits.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann

  • Rue Mouffetard

    Julie and Julia

    Finally we arrive at rue Mouffetard, Paris’s most picturesque street market. This is where Meryl Streep finds the ingredients for her groundbreaking culinary experiences in Julie and Julia.  Find more movie locations in and around Paris in Michael Schurmann’s book “Paris Movie Walks” or visit the website

    Photo courtesy of Michael Schuermann