10 Reasons Annamaria Island is a Great Beach Town

  • Annamaria beaches have snow-white sand

    Annamaria Island on Tampa Bay is a Great Beach Town

    Sited at the entrance to Tampa Bay, beautiful Annamaria Island is a laid-back beach town with a leisurely pace and beautiful sunsets.  There's still plenty to do, though, from fishing to shopping to dining on fresh seafood.  

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Cycling is a daily activity across the island

    Annamaria is Very Bicycle-Friendly

    With little traffic, slow speed limits and bike paths, Annamaria perfectly lends itself to exploring by bicycle. And there's no better way to begin unplugging from the stress of daily life.  Being on a simple beach cruiser truly says "I'm on vacation!"

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • A pass on the south end of the island

    Boaters Have Plenty of Places to Hang Out

    If you like to boat, you'll be in heaven, under sunny skies, and with tranquil waters of the bay and Gulf.  Here, a cluster of boats hang out near the pass at the south end of Annamaria.  

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Star Fish Company

    Just across the bridge in historic Cortez, Florida, is the quaint Star Fish Company, where diners chow down on fresh seafood while overlooking a marina.  Photographers love this spot, as do seafood lovers.  grab a picnic table and make some new friends.

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Annamaria's piers draw anglers, photographers, and those just looking for a scenic place to stroll

    Fishing is Prime on Three Piers

    Annamaria's amazing fishing piers are long and inviting, and each looks east toward Tampa Bay and the beautiful Sky Bridge to St Petersburg.  Each pier has its own personality and amenities:  the fun lies in figuring out which one you like best! 

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Colorful Shops Line Downtown Streets

    Annamaria's shops are where the island vibe makes itself most apparent: from "surf" shops to bike shops to boutiques and antique stores, there's no shortage of fun places to discover.  Shops are also a great way to meet locals.  

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Area galleries offer all mediums and more than a few surprises

    Quirky Galleries Dot the Area

    The island lifestyle always draws a broad variety of people, and gallery owners are quirky, serious, and everything in between.  Do a little gallery-hopping;  it's always fun to see if you can guess what each other likes!  You may just find the perfect memento of your trip, too.  

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Beautiful Sunsets are a Nightly Event

    Head for the west facing beaches of Annamaria before sunset and prepare to be dazzled.  As the sun slowly sinks into the serene Gulf of Mexico, you might be listening to some island guitar, sipping a cocktail, or taking a barefoot stroll.  It's your choice how to spend this highly-prized time of day.

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Local Foods are Plentiful and Delicious

    The tropics are well represented in area restaurants and markets, where you'll discover locally-grown citrus, exotic fruits, the freshest of seafood, and other taste sensations.   Smoked mullet and star fruit are two of the surprises you might encounter and enjoy.  

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

  • Ginny & Janes shop is one of island's most fun

    Shopping offers Fun Surprises

    From hand-painted flip-flops to Guy Harvey shirts to seashell-encrusted antiques, the treasures you can find on Annamaria span the gamut.  Take advantage of your time off, and peek inside a few of Annamaria's appealing island shops.  You'll feel like Dorothy, i.e. "not in Kansas anymore!" 

    Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan