10 Things to Do When Traveling Alone in New York

  • Catch a Flick
  • Don't Miss Broadway
  • Enjoy an Artistic Meal at The Bowery Kitchen
  • Take an Audio Tour
  • Stroll Through Central Park
  • Take a Rest on the High Line
  • Spend Hours People-Watching
  • Take in the Sights at Times Square
  • Wander to your Heart's Content
  • Double-decker Gray Line New York bus

    Go Sightseeing with Gray Line

    Board an iconic Gray Line bus to take one of the company's fascinating sightseeing tours of New York. You easily see dozens of the city's high points from the incredible vantage point of a double-decker bus, while your tour guide brings the city to life. Touring solo lets you make new friends and learn new things. Best of all: hop on and off at your leisure.

    Photo courtesy of Gray Line New York

  • Popcorn, M&Ms and Sour Jacks

    Catch a Flick

    The prospect of shopping for a film to see is thrilling in New York.  Indie films, art flicks and foreign films join blockbusters on screens across Manhattan.  Go solo and you can keep your Sour Jacks, M&Ms and bucket of popcorn all to yourself - no sharing required.  You also get to pick the movie YOU want to see.  

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  • The lights of Broadway

    Don't Miss Broadway

    Finding affordable seats to a Broadway show can be difficult for couples and groups.  So, take advantage of your single status and snag a potentially less expensive ticket and a fantastic seat.  You can even score last-minute deals at, or through TKTS; these services often have single seats available on the day of the show.  You can also purchase a rush ticket for as low as $28 once the box office opens.

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  • A Bowery dining table

    Enjoy an Artistic Meal at The Bowery Kitchen

    Recently opened in the downstairs area of The Bowery House Hotel, the Bowery Kitchen offers a dining experience that's as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing.  Custom-made dining tables display artwork for sale from 29 of Italy’s finest artists.  Head upstairs for affordable lodging at The Bowery House (an average stay is only $89 per night), and meet other single travelers in the shared rooftop and living room spaces.

    Photo courtesy of Rob Loud

  • Embrace your solo status on an audio tour

    Take an Audio Tour

    For little to no cost, you can take an audio tour of some of New York's finest museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Intrepid and the Museum of Natural History.  Developed by curators and educators, the tours offer interesting facts and inside information.  For instance, an audio tour of the Intrepid features anecdotes from crew members and pilots from the ship's past as well as stories from President George H.W. Bush, General Colin Powell and Astronaut Scott Carpenter.

    Photo courtesy of Joseph DeSciose

  • Green space in Central Park

    Stroll Through Central Park

    There's so much to see in the 843 acres of Central Park, you'll forget you're solo. It's actually the perfect place to explore on your own because there's so much to take in: guided tours, sports, sightseeing or relaxing on the Great Lawn.  You may even run across a street performer or two - the possibilities are endless.

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  • View from the High Line

    Take a Rest on the High Line

    Uniquely built on an old freight rail line, the High Line is a public park that affords fantastic views of Manhattan's West Side.  Elevated above the streets and overlooking the Hudson River, it's a great spot to relax on a bench, read a book, listen to music or get a bite to eat.  The park closes at 11:00 pm which leaves plenty of time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset and evening stroll.

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  • The streets of New York can be incredibly entertaining

    Spend Hours People-Watching

    People-watching can be taken to the next level in New York City; you're surrounded by millions of unique folks from all over the world.  You can even people-watch based on neighborhoods and what each attracts.  Head to the Meatpacking District for a particularly fashionable crowd; it's a great place to pick up on trends.  Or, find a spot on Wall Street to see the best-dressed business people in the world.    

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  • The world-famous Naked Cowboy

    Take in the Sights at Times Square

    When taking in all of the sights and sounds of Times Square, the number one destination in the US, being alone can be a huge advantage; you don't have to worry about losing anyone else in the crowds while you experience the best kind of sensory overload.  Don't miss the world-famous Naked Cowboy!

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  • Unfamiliar streets can lend themselves to an exciting adventure

    Wander to your Heart's Content

    Throw on your most comfortable shoes, leave your map or smartphone in your pocket and just go for a walk in America's most fascinating city.  Having no set direction and getting in touch with unfamiliar surroundings can be quite a thrill, and you often end up making fantastic discoveries along the way.  Just get back to a familiar spot by dark!  

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