10Best Beautiful Cruise Ports

  • Santorini, Greece

    When you look out at Santorini from your ship, it appears to cascade down the cliffs of the island. From the port, you can take a cable car or donkey ride up into the sparkling white city, where you can explore the whitewashed churches and bougainvillea-filled back alleys of this stunning Greek Island. Don't forget the black sand beaches.

    Photo courtesy of Klearchos Kapoutsis

  • St. Lucia

    In St. Lucia, you'll have your choice of white sand beaches in the north, volcanic beaches in the south and stunning views of the towering Pitons volcanic peaks no matter where you are. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, head into the interior jungles for some canopy zip-lining.

    Photo courtesy of jster91

  • Stockholm, Sweden

    As the largest city in Scandinavia, there's a lot to see and do on the 14 islands that make up Stockholm. The waterfront is lined with picturesque architecture, so make sure to be on deck when you're coming into port. Once moored, you'll find Stockholm a surprisingly compact and easy-to-navigate city.

    Photo courtesy of Dennis Jarvis

  • Portofino, Italy

    Portofino oozes charm, as you'll see as soon as you enter the harbor lined with pastel-colored buildings. When you're not exploring the village, head off shore for world-class diving or lace up your hiking boots to check out the nearby national park.

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  • Bora Bora

    The South Pacific island of Bora Bora allures with its blue lagoons, sandy beaches and some of the most exclusive hotels on earth. Luckily, if you're cruising, you won't have to shell out thousands of dollars for a glass bottom bungalow. Instead, enjoy a day sunning on a beach or going for a swim in a secluded, serene lagoon.

    Photo courtesy of tensaibuta

  • Roatan, Honduras

    Roatan, arguably the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, is Central America's busiest cruise ship port, and for good reason. Once you disembark from your ship, take a chairlift to a private island complete with its own long, sandy stretch of beach. You'd be hard pressed to find bluer waters or softer sand at any other port.

    Photo courtesy of Adalberto.H.Vega

  • Kauai, Hawaii

    Kauai, the Garden Island, is considered by some to be the most beautiful in Hawaii. Take a helicopter tour of the dramatic mountains, just like in the film Jurassic Park – minus the dinosaurs – or so some trekking in the lush rainforests, through verdant valleys. With 43 beaches, you'll certainly find that perfect place to relax.

    Photo courtesy of Vhoghul

  • Fiordland, New Zealand

    In New Zealand's south islands, you'll find Fiordland National Park, home to Milford, Dusky and Doubtful Sounds and the accompanying dramatic scenery. For outdoor enthusiasts, this New Zealand port offers a wealth of hiking opportunities.

    Photo courtesy of Lee Edwin Coursey