10Best Beautiful Rose Gardens

  • John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Rose Garden - Sarasota, Fla.

    Visitors to Sarasota can experience firsthand Mable Ringling's – wife of circus magnate John Ringling – immense passion for flowers, especially roses. Planted over a century ago, Mable Ringling’s Rose Garden at the John and Mable RIngling Museum ofArt is Florida’s oldest rose garden and breeds about 300 different varieties of roses and over 1,100 bushes, including an exclusive Mable Ringling rose bred just for her.

    Photo courtesy of Visit Sarasota County

  • San Jose Municipal Rose Garden - San Jose, Calif.

    The 5-acre San Jose Municipal Rose Garden – named "America's Best Rose Garden" by All American Rose Selection – draws thousands of visitors each year to see its collection of shrubs of the rose family, featuring over 4,000 rose shrubs with 189 varieties represented. Hybrid–tea roses comprise 75% of the plantings.

    Photo courtesy of Sarah and Jason

  • International Rose Test Garden – Portland, Ore.

    Founded in 1917, Portland's iconic International Rose Test Garden is the oldest public test garden in the country with the oldest rose testing program of its kind in the USA. During the summer months, the garden offers daily free public tours at 1:00 pm, departing from the Rose Garden Store.

    Photo courtesy of Travel Portland

  • Longmont Memorial Rose Garden – Longmont, Colo.

    The Longmont Memorial Rose Garden in Longmont, Colo. was planted in 1945 and dedicated it to veterans of all wars. Visitors to this All-American Rose Selection Public Garden can stop and smell the almost 2,000 rose bushes representing 190 types of roses.

    Photo courtesy of PolinaPasha/iStock

  • Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden – New York

    Designed in 1916, the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden in New York wasn't fully completed until 1988. This iconic rose garden displays more than 4,000 rose plants from more than 600 varieties, with roses blooming for six months out of the year, so even if you miss peak season, there will likely still be something to see.

    Photo courtesy of Jim.henderson

  • Berkeley Rose Garden - Berkeley, Calif.

    The city-owned Berkeley Rose Garden opened to the public in 1937 and is laid out in the form of a terraced ampitheater with a redwood pergola covered in roses. The collection includes 3,000 individual bushes from 250 species, and the view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge from within the garden is hard to beat.

    Photo courtesy of Eric Heath

  • Butchart Garden Rose Arbor - Victoria, B.C.

    Victoria's  lovely Butchart Gardens, considered one of the finest public gardens in the world, is home to a rose garden famous for its rose-covered arches. The garden, planted in 1929, showcases floribundas and Hybrids Tea Roses, each marked with its country of origin, and walking paths wind throughout.

    Photo courtesy of Anne Hornyak

  • The Park of Roses - Columbus, Ohio

    The 13-acre Park of Roses, located within Whetstone Park in Columbus, Ohio, is divided into three smaller gardens where visitors can see 12,000 rose plants from 400 different species. The garden is free and open throughout the year, making it a great place to come and learn about the past, present and future of rose growing.

    Photo courtesy of Edward Raybould

  • Jardin Botanique - Montreal

    The 15-acre Rose Garden at Montreal's Jardin Botanique is one of North America's largest, with nearly 10,000 bushes representing 900 species and cultivars. The garden was created in 1976 in honor of the Olympic Games and has since expanded significantly.

    Photo courtesy of abdallahh

  • Elizabeth Park - Hartford, Conn.

    The Elizabeth Park garden in Hartford, Conn. is the oldest municipally operated public rose garden in the USA and features some 15,000 plants from 800 different species. The 2.5-acre garden is one of 22 All America Test Gardens, designed to evaluate new rose cultivars before they're introduced to the public for use in private gardens.

    Photo courtesy of Norman